AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-12-14Linux 3.2.65v3.2.65Ben Hutchings
2014-12-14mm: Remove false WARN_ON from pagecache_isize_extended()Jan Kara
2014-12-14perf: Handle compat ioctlPawel Moll
2014-12-14crypto: algif - avoid excessive use of socket buffer in skcipherOndrej Kozina
2014-12-14Patch for 3.2.x, 3.4.x IP identifier regressionJeffrey Knockel
2014-12-14hpsa: fix a race in cmd_free/scsi_doneTomas Henzl
2014-12-14tcp: be more strict before accepting ECN negociationEric Dumazet
2014-12-14mei: limit the number of consecutive resetsTomas Winkler
2014-12-14mei: add mei_quirk_probe functionTomas Winkler
2014-12-14Input: xpad - use proper endpoint typeGreg Kroah-Hartman
2014-12-14usb-quirks: Add reset-resume quirk for MS Wireless Laser Mouse 6000Hans de Goede
2014-12-14MIPS: Loongson: Make platform serial setup always built-in.Aaro Koskinen
2014-12-14ALSA: hda - Limit 40bit DMA for AMD HDMI controllersTakashi Iwai
2014-12-14x86/asm/traps: Disable tracing and kprobes in fixup_bad_iret and sync_regsAndy Lutomirski
2014-12-14x86_64, traps: Rework bad_iretAndy Lutomirski
2014-12-14x86_64, traps: Fix the espfix64 #DF fixup and rewrite it in CAndy Lutomirski
2014-12-14x86_64, traps: Stop using IST for #SSAndy Lutomirski
2014-12-14usb: xhci: rework root port wake bits if controller isn't allowed to wakeupLu Baolu
2014-12-14USB: xhci: Reset a halted endpoint immediately when we encounter a stall.Mathias Nyman
2014-12-14Revert "xhci: clear root port wake on bits if controller isn't wake-up capable"Lu Baolu
2014-12-14USB: xhci: don't start a halted endpoint before its new dequeue is setMathias Nyman
2014-12-14ARM: 8216/1: xscale: correct auxiliary register in suspend/resumeDmitry Eremin-Solenikov
2014-12-14bnx2fc: do not add shared skbs to the fcoe_rx_listMaurizio Lombardi
2014-12-14nfsd: Fix slot wake up race in the nfsv4.1 callback codeTrond Myklebust
2014-12-14MIPS: oprofile: Fix backtrace on 64-bit kernelAaro Koskinen
2014-12-14SUNRPC: Fix locking around callback channel reply receiveTrond Myklebust
2014-12-14sunrpc: fix byte-swapping of displayed XIDChuck Lever
2014-12-14USB: ssu100: fix overrun-error reportingJohan Hovold
2014-12-14USB: keyspan: fix overrun-error reportingJohan Hovold
2014-12-14USB: keyspan: fix tty line-status reportingJohan Hovold
2014-12-14usb: serial: ftdi_sio: add PIDs for Matrix Orbital productsTroy Clark
2014-12-14of/base: Fix PowerPC address parsing hackBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2014-12-14x86, mm: Set NX across entire PMD at bootKees Cook
2014-12-14x86, 64bit, mm: Mark data/bss/brk to nxYinghai Lu
2014-12-14can: esd_usb2: fix memory leak on disconnectAlexey Khoroshilov
2014-12-14can: dev: avoid calling kfree_skb() from interrupt contextThomas Körper
2014-12-14x86: Require exact match for 'noxsave' command line optionDave Hansen
2014-12-14iio: Fix IIO_EVENT_CODE_EXTRACT_DIR bit maskCristina Ciocan
2014-12-14firewire: cdev: prevent kernel stack leaking into ioctl argumentsStefan Richter
2014-12-14ASoC: sgtl5000: Fix SMALL_POP bit definitionFabio Estevam
2014-12-14libceph: do not crash on large auth ticketsIlya Dryomov
2014-12-14rt2x00: do not align payload on modern H/WStanislaw Gruszka
2014-12-14audit: keep inode pinnedMiklos Szeredi
2014-12-14scsi: only re-lock door after EH on devices that were resetChristoph Hellwig
2014-12-14USB: serial: cp210x: add IDs for CEL MeshConnect USB StickPreston Fick
2014-12-14Input: alps - allow up to 2 invalid packets without resetting devicePali Rohár
2014-12-14Input: alps - ignore potential bare packets when device is out of syncPali Rohár
2014-12-14spi: dw: Fix dynamic speed change.Thor Thayer
2014-12-14tty/vt: don't set font mappings on vc not supporting thisImre Deak
2014-12-14tty: Fix high cpu load if tty is unreleaseablePeter Hurley