AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-07-17Linux 3.10.49v3.10.49Greg Kroah-Hartman
2014-07-17ACPI / battery: Retry to get battery information if failed during probingLan Tianyu
2014-07-17x86, ioremap: Speed up check for RAM pagesRoland Dreier
2014-07-17Score: Modify the Makefile of Score, remove -mlong-calls for compilingLennox Wu
2014-07-17Score: The commit is for compiling successfully.Lennox Wu
2014-07-17Score: Implement the function csum_ipv6_magicLennox Wu
2014-07-17score: normalize global variables exported by vmlinux.ldsJiang Liu
2014-07-17rtmutex: Plug slow unlock raceThomas Gleixner
2014-07-17rtmutex: Handle deadlock detection smarterThomas Gleixner
2014-07-17rtmutex: Detect changes in the pi lock chainThomas Gleixner
2014-07-17rtmutex: Fix deadlock detector for realThomas Gleixner
2014-07-17ring-buffer: Check if buffer exists before pollingSteven Rostedt (Red Hat)
2014-07-17drm/radeon: stop poisoning the GART TLBChristian K├Ânig
2014-07-17drm/radeon: fix typo in golden register setup on evergreenAlex Deucher
2014-07-17ext4: disable synchronous transaction batching if max_batch_time==0Eric Sandeen
2014-07-17ext4: clarify error count warning messagesTheodore Ts'o
2014-07-17ext4: fix unjournalled bg descriptor while initializing inode bitmapTheodore Ts'o
2014-07-17dm io: fix a race condition in the wake up code for sync_ioJoe Thornber
2014-07-17Drivers: hv: vmbus: Fix a bug in the channel callback dispatch codeK. Y. Srinivasan
2014-07-17clk: spear3xx: Use proper control register offsetThomas Gleixner
2014-07-17arm64: implement TASK_SIZE_OFColin Cross
2014-07-17crypto: sha512_ssse3 - fix byte count to bit count conversionJussi Kivilinna
2014-07-17cpufreq: Makefile: fix compilation for davinci platformPrabhakar Lad
2014-07-17powerpc/perf: Clear MMCR2 when enabling PMUJoel Stanley
2014-07-17powerpc/perf: Add PPMU_ARCH_207S defineJoel Stanley
2014-07-17powerpc/perf: Never program book3s PMCs with values >= 0x80000000Anton Blanchard
2014-07-17ACPI / resources: only reject zero length resources based at address zeroAndy Whitcroft
2014-07-17hwmon: (adm1021) Fix cache problem when writing temperature limitsAxel Lin
2014-07-17hwmon: (adm1029) Ensure the fan_div cache is updated in set_fan_divAxel Lin
2014-07-17hwmon: (adm1031) Fix writes to limit registersGuenter Roeck
2014-07-17hwmon: (amc6821) Fix permissions for temp2_inputAxel Lin
2014-07-17workqueue: zero cpumask of wq_numa_possible_cpumask on initYasuaki Ishimatsu
2014-07-17cpuset,mempolicy: fix sleeping function called from invalid contextGu Zheng
2014-07-17workqueue: fix dev_set_uevent_suppress() imbalanceMaxime Bizon
2014-07-17parisc: add serial ports of C8000/1GHz machine to hardware databaseHelge Deller
2014-07-17USB: serial: ftdi_sio: Add Infineon TriboardMichal Sojka
2014-07-17USB: ftdi_sio: Add extra PID.Bert Vermeulen
2014-07-17USB: cp210x: add support for Corsair usb dongleAndras Kovacs
2014-07-17usb: option: Add ID for Telewell TW-LTE 4G v2Bernd Wachter
2014-07-09Linux 3.10.48v3.10.48Greg Kroah-Hartman
2014-07-09mm: fix crashes from mbind() merging vmasHugh Dickins
2014-07-09hugetlb: fix copy_hugetlb_page_range() to handle migration/hwpoisoned entryNaoya Horiguchi
2014-07-09sym53c8xx_2: Set DID_REQUEUE return code when aborting squeueMikulas Patocka
2014-07-09drivers/video/fbdev/fb-puv3.c: Add header files for function unifb_mmapZhichuang SUN
2014-07-09arch/unicore32/mm/alignment.c: include "asm/pgtable.h" to avoid compiling errorChen Gang
2014-07-09ALSA: usb-audio: Prevent printk ratelimiting from spamming kernel log while D...Sander Eikelenboom
2014-07-09ALSA: usb-audio: Suppress repetitive debug messages from retire_playback_urb()Tim Gardner
2014-07-09serial: 8250_dw: Fix LCR workaround regressionJames Hogan
2014-07-09serial: 8250_dw: Improve unwritable LCR workaroundTim Kryger
2014-07-09serial: 8250_dw: Report CTS asserted for auto flowTim Kryger