AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-01-22Linux Kroah-Hartman
2010-01-22vfs: Fix vmtruncate() regressionOGAWA Hirofumi
2010-01-22sched: Fix task priority bugPeter Zijlstra
2010-01-22serial/8250_pnp: add a new Fujitsu Wacom Tablet PC devicePing
2010-01-22i2c/pca: Don't use *_interruptibleWolfram Sang
2010-01-22i2c: Do not use device name after device_unregisterThadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo
2010-01-22sparc64: Fix Niagara2 perf event handling.David S. Miller
2010-01-22sparc64: Fix NMI programming when perf events are active.David S. Miller
2010-01-22sched: Fix cpu_clock() in NMIs, on !CONFIG_HAVE_UNSTABLE_SCHED_CLOCKDavid Miller
2010-01-22asus-laptop: add Lenovo SL hotkey supportIke Panhc
2010-01-22Input: pmouse - move Sentelic probe down the listTai-hwa Liang
2010-01-22megaraid_sas: remove sysfs poll_mode_io world writeable permissionsBryn M. Reeves
2010-01-22PCI/cardbus: Add a fixup hook and fix powerpcBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2010-01-22HID: add device IDs for new model of Apple Wireless KeyboardChristian Schuerer-Waldheim
2010-01-22reiserfs: truncate blocks not used by a writeJan Kara
2010-01-22V4L/DVB (13868): gspca - sn9c20x: Fix test of unsigned.Roel Kluin
2010-01-22ALSA: hda - Fix missing capture mixer for ALC861/660 codecsTakashi Iwai
2010-01-22mfd: Correct WM835x ISINK ramp time definesMark Brown
2010-01-22mfd: WM835x GPIO direction register is not lockedMark Brown
2010-01-22x86: SGI UV: Fix mapping of MMIO registersMike Travis
2010-01-22edac: i5000_edac critical fix panic out of boundsTamas Vincze
2010-01-22x86, apic: use physical mode for IBM summit platformsSuresh Siddha
2010-01-22page allocator: update NR_FREE_PAGES only when necessaryKOSAKI Motohiro
2010-01-22futexes: Remove rw parameter from get_futex_key()KOSAKI Motohiro
2010-01-22x86, mce: Thermal monitoring depends on APIC being enabledCyrill Gorcunov
2010-01-22block: Fix incorrect reporting of partition alignmentMartin K. Petersen
2010-01-22drm/i915: remove loop in Ironlake interrupt handlerZou Nan hai
2010-01-22memcg: ensure list is empty at rmdirDaisuke Nishimura
2010-01-22revert "drivers/video/s3c-fb.c: fix clock setting for Samsung SoC Framebuffer"Mark Brown
2010-01-22inotify: only warn once for inotify problemsEric Paris
2010-01-22inotify: do not reuse watch descriptorsEric Paris
2010-01-18Linux Kroah-Hartman
2010-01-18agp/intel-agp: Clear entire GTT on startupDavid Woodhouse
2010-01-18ipv6: skb_dst() can be NULL in ipv6_hop_jumbo().David S. Miller
2010-01-18module: handle ppc64 relocating kcrctabs when CONFIG_RELOCATABLE=yRusty Russell
2010-01-18fix more leaks in audit_tree.c tag_chunk()Al Viro
2010-01-18fix braindamage in audit_tree.c untag_chunk()Al Viro
2010-01-18mac80211: fix skb buffering issue (and fixes to that)Johannes Berg
2010-01-18kernel/sysctl.c: fix stable merge error in NOMMU mmap_min_addrMike Frysinger
2010-01-18libertas: Remove carrier signaling from the scan codeSamuel Ortiz
2010-01-18drm/i915: remove render reclock supportJesse Barnes
2010-01-18mac80211: add missing sanity checks for action framesFelix Fietkau
2010-01-18iwl: off by one bugDan Carpenter
2010-01-18cfg80211: fix syntax error on user regulatory hintsLuis R. Rodriguez
2010-01-18ath5k: Fix eeprom checksum check for custom sized eepromsLuis R. Rodriguez
2010-01-18iwlwifi: fix iwl_queue_used bug when read_ptr == write_ptrZhu Yi
2010-01-18xen: fix hang on suspend.Ian Campbell
2010-01-18quota: Fix dquot_transfer for filesystems different from ext4Jan Kara
2010-01-18hwmon: (adt7462) Fix pin 28 monitoringRoger Blofeld
2010-01-18hwmon: (coretemp) Fix TjMax for Atom N450/D410/D510 CPUsYong Wang