AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-03-23Linux Kroah-Hartman
2011-03-23hwmon: (sht15) Fix integer overflow in humidity calculationVivien Didelot
2011-03-23x86, binutils, xen: Fix another wrong size directiveAlexander van Heukelum
2011-03-23powerpc: rtas_flash needs to use rtas_data_bufMilton Miller
2011-03-23powerpc/kdump: Fix race in kdump shutdownMichael Neuling
2011-03-23powerpc/kexec: Fix race in kexec shutdownMichael Neuling
2011-03-23mmc: sdio: remember new card RCA when redetecting cardStefan Nilsson XK
2011-03-23i2c: Fix typo in instantiating-devices documentRoman Fietze
2011-03-23fix per-cpu flag problem in the cpu affinity checkersThomas Gleixner
2011-03-23smp_call_function_many: handle concurrent clearing of maskMilton Miller
2011-03-23isdn: avoid calling tty_ldisc_flush() in atomic contextTilman Schmidt
2011-03-23x86: Flush TLB if PGD entry is changed in i386 PAE modeShaohua Li
2011-03-23call_function_many: add missing orderingMilton Miller
2011-03-23call_function_many: fix list delete vs add raceMilton Miller
2011-03-23ext3: Always set dx_node's fake_dirent explicitly.Eric Sandeen
2011-03-23perf, powerpc: Handle events that raise an exception without overflowingAnton Blanchard
2011-03-23perf: Handle stopped state with tracepointsFrederic Weisbecker
2011-03-23SUNRPC: Ensure we always run the tk_callback before tk_actionTrond Myklebust
2011-03-23ALSA: ctxfi - Clear input settings before initializationPrzemyslaw Bruski
2011-03-23ALSA: ctxfi - Fix SPDIF status retrievalPrzemyslaw Bruski
2011-03-23ALSA: ctxfi - Fix incorrect SPDIF status bit maskPrzemyslaw Bruski
2011-03-23PCI: sysfs: Fix failure path for addition of "vpd" attributeBen Hutchings
2011-03-23PCI: do not create quirk I/O regions below PCIBIOS_MIN_IO for ICHJiri Slaby
2011-03-23PCI: add more checking to ICH region quirksJiri Slaby
2011-03-23PCI: remove quirk for pre-production systemsBrandeburg, Jesse
2011-03-23ALSA: hda - fix digital mic selection in mixer on 92HD8X codecsVitaliy Kulikov
2011-03-23xhci: Fix cycle bit calculation during stall handling.Sarah Sharp
2011-03-23USB: serial: ch341: add new idwangyanqing
2011-03-23USB: serial/kobil_sct, fix potential tty NULL dereferenceJiri Slaby
2011-03-23ath9k_hw: Fix incorrect macversion and macrev checksSenthil Balasubramanian
2011-03-23x86, quirk: Fix SB600 revision checkAndreas Herrmann
2011-03-23IB/cm: Bump reference count on cm_id before invoking callbackSean Hefty
2011-03-23RDMA/cma: Fix crash in request handlersSean Hefty
2011-03-23ahci: AHCI mode SATA patch for Intel Patsburg SATA RAID controllerSeth Heasley
2011-03-23ahci: AHCI mode SATA patch for Intel DH89xxCC DeviceIDsSeth Heasley
2011-03-23ahci: AHCI and RAID mode SATA patch for Intel Patsburg DeviceIDsSeth Heasley
2011-03-23x86: Emit "mem=nopentium ignored" warning when not supportedKamal Mostafa
2011-03-23x86: Fix panic when handling "mem={invalid}" paramKamal Mostafa
2011-03-23ftrace: Fix memory leak with function graph and cpu hotplugSteven Rostedt
2011-03-23x86/mm: Handle mm_fault_error() in kernel spaceAndrey Vagin
2011-03-23MIPS: MTX-1: Make au1000_eth probe all PHY addressesFlorian Fainelli
2011-03-23libata: no special completion processing for EH commandsTejun Heo
2011-03-23mtd: add "platform:" prefix for platform modaliasAxel Lin
2011-03-23hwmon/f71882fg: Set platform drvdata to NULL laterHans de Goede
2011-03-14Linux Kroah-Hartman
2011-03-14ip6ip6: autoload ip6 tunnelstephen hemminger
2011-03-14net: don't allow CAP_NET_ADMIN to load non-netdev kernel modulesVasiliy Kulikov
2011-03-14Staging: comedi: jr3_pci: Don't ioremap too much space. Check result.Ian Abbott
2011-03-14r8169: use RxFIFO overflow workaround for 8168c chipset.Ivan Vecera
2011-03-14nfsd: wrong index used in inner looproel