AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-10-12Linux Bunk
2007-10-12Revert "TCP: Fix TCP handling of SACK in bidirectional flows"Adrian Bunk
2007-10-07Linux Bunk
2007-10-07Convert snd-page-alloc proc file to use seq_file (CVE-2007-4571)Takashi Iwai
2007-10-07snd_mem_proc_read(): convert to list_for_each_entry*Adrian Bunk
2007-10-07sysfs: store sysfs inode nrs in s_ino to avoid readdir oopses (CVE-2007-3104)Eric Sandeen
2007-10-07random: fix bound check ordering (CVE-2007-3105)Matt Mackall
2007-10-07random: fix seeding with zero entropy (CVE-2007-2453 2 of 2)Matt Mackall
2007-10-07random: fix error in entropy extraction (CVE-2007-2453 1 of 2)Matt Mackall
2007-10-07Reset current->pdeath_signal on SUID binary execution (CVE-2007-3848)Marcel Holtmann
2007-10-06fix buffer overflow in the moxa driver (CVE-2005-0504)Dann Frazier
2007-10-06[POWERPC] Flush registers to proper task contextKumar Gala
2007-10-06x86_64: Zero extend all registers after ptrace in 32bit entry path (CVE-2007-...Andi Kleen
2007-10-06unexport ip_conntrack_{,un}register_notifierAdrian Bunk
2007-10-06sound/core/pcm_lib.c: don't export static functionsAdrian Bunk
2007-10-06unexport csr1212_release_keyvalAdrian Bunk
2007-10-06unexport cpufreq_parse_governorAdrian Bunk
2007-10-06unexport neigh_update_hhsAdrian Bunk
2007-10-06[SPARC]: fix sparc64 gcc 4.2 compile failureMikael Pettersson
2007-10-06unexport ktime_get_realAdrian Bunk
2007-10-06[IPSEC] AH4: Update IPv4 options handling to conform to RFC 4302.Nick Bowler
2007-09-25Linux Bunk
2007-09-24Linux Bunk
2007-09-24TCP: Fix TCP handling of SACK in bidirectional flowsIlpo Järvinen
2007-09-24[PPP]: Fix output buffer size in ppp_decompress_frame().Konstantin Sharlaimov
2007-09-24[PPP]: Fix osize too small errors when decoding mppe.Konstantin Sharlaimov
2007-08-30[MATH-EMU]: Fix underflow exception reporting.David S. Miller
2007-08-30[SPARC32]: Fix rounding errors in ndelay/udelay implementation.Mark Fortescue
2007-08-30[SPARC32]: Fix bug in sparc optimized memset.Alexander Shmelev
2007-08-23md: avoid possible BUG_ON in md bitmap handlingNeil Brown
2007-08-23md: fix a few problems with the interface (sysfs and ioctl) to mdNeil Brown
2007-08-23md: assorted md and raid1 one-linersNeil Brown
2007-08-23md: allow SET_BITMAP_FILE to work on 64bit kernel with 32bit userspaceNeil Brown
2007-08-23md: fix some small races in bitmap plugging in raid5Neil Brown
2007-08-23md: fix a plug/unplug race in raid5Neil Brown
2007-08-23md: fix resync speed calculation for restarted resyncsNeil Brown
2007-08-23md: Allow re-add to work on array without bitmapsNeil Brown
2007-08-12md/bitmap: tidy up i_writecount handling in md/bitmapNeil Brown
2007-08-12md/bitmap: remove dead code from md/bitmapNeil Brown
2007-08-12md/bitmap: remove unnecessary page reference manipulations from md/bitmap codeNeil Brown
2007-08-12md/bitmap: use set_bit etc for bitmap page attributesNeil Brown
2007-08-12md/bitmap: cleaner separation of page attribute handlers in md/bitmapNeil Brown
2007-08-12md/bitmap: fix online removal of file-backed bitmapsNeil Brown
2007-08-12md: Don't clear bits in bitmap when writing to one device fails during recoveryNeil Brown
2007-08-12md: Add '4' to the list of levels for which bitmaps are supportedNeil Brown
2007-08-12[MCA] fix bus matchingJames Bottomley
2007-07-25Linux Bunk
2007-07-22Linux Bunk
2007-07-22[IPV6]: MSG_ERRQUEUE messages do not pass to connected raw socketsDmitry Butskoy
2007-07-22[NET]: Fix gen_estimator timer removal racePatrick McHardy