AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-04-13Linux Bunk
2007-04-10Linux Bunk
2007-04-10APPLETALK: Fix a remotely triggerable crash (CVE-2007-1357)Jean Delvare
2007-04-09siimage: PIO1/2 taskfile transfer overclocking fixSergei Shtylyov
2007-04-09hrtimer: prevent overrun DoS in hrtimer_forward()Thomas Gleixner
2007-04-09fix MTIME_SEC_MAX on 32-bitThomas Gleixner
2007-04-09prevent timespec/timeval to ktime_t overflowThomas Gleixner
2007-04-08ieee1394: video1394: DMA fixDavid Moore
2007-04-08Fix reparenting to the same thread group. (take 2)Eric W. Biederman
2007-04-08tcp: fix cubic scaling errorStephen Hemminger
2007-04-04[netdrvr] tulip, de2104x: fix typo: s/__sparc_/__sparc__/Jeff Garzik
2007-04-04b44: src_desc->addr is little-endianAl Viro
2007-04-04ide-floppy: Fix unformatted media crashAlan Cox
2007-04-03[IFB]: Fix crash on input device removalPatrick McHardy
2007-04-03[VIDEO] ffb: Fix two DAC handling bugs.David S. Miller
2007-03-31Linux Bunk
2007-03-28Linux Bunk
2007-03-28[ALSA] ca0106 - Add missing sysfs device assignmentTakashi Iwai
2007-03-28[ALSA] cs4281 - Fix the check of right channelTakashi Iwai
2007-03-28[ALSA] Dereference after free in snd_hwdep_release()Florin Malita
2007-03-28[ALSA] cmipci - Fix a typo in 'PC Speaker Playback Switch' controlTakashi Iwai
2007-03-28[ALSA] fix NULL pointer dereference in sound/synth/emux/soundfont.cEric Sesterhenn
2007-03-28[ALSA] Fix invalid assignment of PCI revisionTakashi Iwai
2007-03-28[ALSA] hda-intel - Don't try to probe invalid codecsTakashi Iwai
2007-03-28[ALSA] hda-codec - Don't return error at initialization of modem codecTakashi Iwai
2007-03-28usb-audio: work around wrong frequency in CM6501 descriptorsClemens Ladisch
2007-03-28sound/pci/au88x0/au88x0.c: ioremap balanced with iounmapAmol Lad
2007-03-28[IPV6] HASHTABLES: Use appropriate seed for caluculating ehash index.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki
2007-03-28[PPP]: Don't leak an sk_buff on interface destruction.Guennadi Liakhovetski
2007-03-28[NET_SCHED]: Fix ingress lockingPatrick McHardy
2007-03-28[NET_SCHED]: cls_basic: fix NULL pointer dereferencePatrick McHardy
2007-03-28USB: RAZR v3i unusual_devsPete Zaitcev
2007-03-28USB storage: Nokia 6288 unusual_devs entryAndrew Nayenko
2007-03-28USB Storage: US_FL_IGNORE_RESIDUE needed for Aiptek MP3 PlayerDylan Taft
2007-03-28USB: unusual_devs.h for Sony floppyLuiz Fernando N. Capitulino
2007-03-28[NET_SCHED]: Fix endless loops caused by inaccurate qlen countersPatrick McHardy
2007-03-28mm: fix madvise infinine loopNick Piggin
2007-03-28[SERIAL] Fix oops when removing suspended serial portRussell King
2007-03-27ieee1394: dv1394: fix CardBus card ejectionStefan Richter
2007-03-26md: fix /proc/mdstat refcountingAkinbou Mita
2007-03-26fix read past end of array in md/linear.cAndy Isaacson
2007-03-26md: pass down BIO_RW_SYNC in raid{1,10}Lars Ellenberg
2007-03-26md: Fix bug where spares don't always get rebuilt properly when they become liveNeil Brown
2007-03-26MD: Fix problem where hot-added drives are not resynced.Neil Brown
2007-03-26USB: unusual_devs update for Sony P990i phoneAlan Stern
2007-03-26USB: unusual_devs entry for Sony DSC-H5Lars Jacob
2007-03-25USB: unusual_devs.h entry for nokia 6233Manuel Osdoba
2007-03-25USB: unusual_devs.h for 0x046b:ff40Pete Zaitcev
2007-03-25USB: Fix UCR-61S2B unusual_dev entryPhil Dibowitz
2007-03-25unusual_devs update for UCR-61S2BAlan Stern