AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-21ANDROID: sdcardfs: remove dead function open_flags_to_access_mode()lsk-v4.4-17.06-androidGreg Hackmann
2017-06-21ANDROID: android-base.cfg: split out arm64-specific configsSteve Muckle
2017-06-21usb: gadget: f_fs: Fix possibe deadlockBaolin Wang
2017-06-21ANDROID: uid_sys_stats: check previous uid_entry before call find_or_register...Ganesh Mahendran
2017-06-21ANDROID: sdcardfs: d_splice_alias can return error valuesDaniel Rosenberg
2017-06-21android: base-cfg: disable CONFIG_NFS_FS and CONFIG_NFSDRoberto Pereira
2017-06-21schedstats/eas: guard properly to avoid breaking non-smp schedstats usersChris Redpath
2017-06-21BACKPORT: f2fs: sanity check size of nat and sit cacheJin Qian
2017-06-21FROMLIST: f2fs: sanity check checkpoint segno and blkoffJin Qian
2017-06-21sched/tune: don't use schedtune before it is readyChris Redpath
2017-06-21sched/fair: use SCHED_CAPACITY_SCALE for energy normalizationPatrick Bellasi
2017-06-21sched/{fair,tune}: use reciprocal_value to compute boost marginPatrick Bellasi
2017-06-21sched/tune: Initialize raw_spin_lock in boosted_groupsSrinath Sridharan
2017-06-21sched/tune: report when SchedTune has not been initializedPatrick Bellasi
2017-06-21sched/tune: fix sched_energy_diff tracepointChris Redpath
2017-06-21sched/tune: increase group count to 5Chris Redpath
2017-06-21cpufreq/schedutil: use boosted_cpu_util for PELT to match WALTChris Redpath
2017-06-21sched/fair: Fix sched_group_energy() to support per-cpu capacity statesMorten Rasmussen
2017-06-21sched/fair: discount task contribution to find CPU with lowest utilizationValentin Schneider
2017-06-21sched/fair: ensure utilization signals are synchronized before useChris Redpath
2017-06-21sched/fair: remove task util from own cpu when placing waking taskChris Redpath
2017-06-21trace:sched: Make util_avg in load_avg trace reflect PELT/WALT as usedChris Redpath
2017-06-21sched/fair: Add eas (& cas) specific rq, sd and task statsDietmar Eggemann
2017-06-21sched/core: Fix PELT jump to max OPP upon util increaseAndres Oportus
2017-06-21sched: EAS & 'single cpu per cluster'/cpu hotplug interoperabilityDietmar Eggemann
2017-06-21UPSTREAM: sched/core: Fix group_entity's share updateVincent Guittot
2017-06-21UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Fix calc_cfs_shares() fixed point arithmetics width con...Peter Zijlstra
2017-06-21UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Fix incorrect task group ->load_avgVincent Guittot
2017-06-21UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Fix effective_load() to consistently use smoothed loadPeter Zijlstra
2017-06-21UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Propagate asynchrous detachVincent Guittot
2017-06-21UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Propagate load during synchronous attach/detachVincent Guittot
2017-06-21UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Fix hierarchical order in rq->leaf_cfs_rq_listVincent Guittot
2017-06-21BACKPORT: sched/fair: Factorize PELT updateVincent Guittot
2017-06-21UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Factorize attach/detach entityVincent Guittot
2017-06-21UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Improve PELT stuff some morePeter Zijlstra
2017-06-21UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Apply more PELT fixesPeter Zijlstra
2017-06-21UPSTREAM: sched/fair: Fix post_init_entity_util_avg() serializationPeter Zijlstra
2017-06-21BACKPORT: sched/fair: Initiate a new task's util avg to a bounded valueYuyang Du
2017-06-21sched/fair: Simplify idle_idx handling in select_idle_sibling()Dietmar Eggemann
2017-06-21sched/fair: refactor find_best_target() for simplicityDietmar Eggemann
2017-06-21sched/fair: Change cpu iteration order in find_best_target()Dietmar Eggemann
2017-06-21sched/core: Add first cpu w/ max/min orig capacity to root domainDietmar Eggemann
2017-06-21sched/core: Remove remnants of commit fd5c98da1a42Dietmar Eggemann
2017-06-21sched: Remove sysctl_sched_is_big_littleDietmar Eggemann
2017-06-21sched/fair: Code !is_big_little path into select_energy_cpu_brute()Dietmar Eggemann
2017-06-21EAS: sched/fair: Re-integrate 'honor sync wakeups' into wakeup pathDietmar Eggemann
2017-06-21Fixup!: sched/fair.c: Set SchedTune specific struct energy_env.taskDietmar Eggemann
2017-06-21sched/fair: Energy-aware wake-up task placementMorten Rasmussen
2017-06-21sched/fair: Add energy_diff dead-zone marginMorten Rasmussen
2017-06-21sched/fair: Decommission energy_aware_wake_cpu()Dietmar Eggemann