AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-25Merge branch 'linux-linaro-lsk-v4.14' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.14-rtlsk-v4.14-18.09-rtMark Brown
2018-09-25Merge tag 'v4.14.71-rt44' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.14-rtMark Brown
2018-09-22Linux 4.14.71-rt44Steven Rostedt (VMware)
2018-09-21Merge tag 'v4.14.71' into v4.14-rtSteven Rostedt (VMware)
2018-09-20Merge tag 'v4.14.71' into linux-linaro-lsk-v4.14Mark Brown
2018-09-19Linux 4.14.71Greg Kroah-Hartman
2018-09-19mm: get rid of vmacache_flush_all() entirelyLinus Torvalds
2018-09-19autofs: fix autofs_sbi() does not check super block typeIan Kent
2018-09-19tuntap: fix use after free during releaseJason Wang
2018-09-19tun: fix use after free for ptr_ringJason Wang
2018-09-19mtd: ubi: wl: Fix error return code in ubi_wl_init()Wei Yongjun
2018-09-19ip: frags: fix crash in ip_do_fragment()Taehee Yoo
2018-09-19ip: process in-order fragments efficientlyPeter Oskolkov
2018-09-19ip: add helpers to process in-order fragments faster.Peter Oskolkov
2018-09-19ipv4: frags: precedence bug in ip_expire()Dan Carpenter
2018-09-19net: sk_buff rbnode reorgEric Dumazet
2018-09-19net: add rb_to_skb() and other rb tree helpersEric Dumazet
2018-09-19net: pskb_trim_rcsum() and CHECKSUM_COMPLETE are friendsEric Dumazet
2018-09-19ipv6: defrag: drop non-last frags smaller than min mtuFlorian Westphal
2018-09-19net: modify skb_rbtree_purge to return the truesize of all purged skbs.Peter Oskolkov
2018-09-19net: speed up skb_rbtree_purge()Eric Dumazet
2018-09-19ip: discard IPv4 datagrams with overlapping segments.Peter Oskolkov
2018-09-19inet: frags: fix ip6frag_low_thresh boundaryEric Dumazet
2018-09-19inet: frags: get rid of ipfrag_skb_cb/FRAG_CBEric Dumazet
2018-09-19inet: frags: reorganize struct netns_fragsEric Dumazet
2018-09-19rhashtable: reorganize struct rhashtable layoutEric Dumazet
2018-09-19ipv6: frags: rewrite ip6_expire_frag_queue()Eric Dumazet
2018-09-19inet: frags: do not clone skb in ip_expire()Eric Dumazet
2018-09-19inet: frags: break the 2GB limit for frags storageEric Dumazet
2018-09-19inet: frags: remove inet_frag_maybe_warn_overflow()Eric Dumazet
2018-09-19inet: frags: get rif of inet_frag_evicting()Eric Dumazet
2018-09-19inet: frags: remove some helpersEric Dumazet
2018-09-19inet: frags: use rhashtables for reassembly unitsEric Dumazet
2018-09-19rhashtable: add schedule pointsEric Dumazet
2018-09-19ipv6: export ip6 fragments sysctl to unprivileged usersEric Dumazet
2018-09-19inet: frags: refactor lowpan_net_frag_init()Eric Dumazet
2018-09-19inet: frags: refactor ipv6_frag_init()Eric Dumazet
2018-09-19inet: frags: Convert timers to use timer_setup()Kees Cook
2018-09-19inet: frags: refactor ipfrag_init()Eric Dumazet
2018-09-19inet: frags: add a pointer to struct netns_fragsEric Dumazet
2018-09-19inet: frags: change inet_frags_init_net() return valueEric Dumazet
2018-09-19drm/i915: set DP Main Stream Attribute for color range on DDI platformsJani Nikula
2018-09-19RDMA/cma: Do not ignore net namespace for unbound cm_idParav Pandit
2018-09-19MIPS: WARN_ON invalid DMA cache maintenance, not BUG_ONPaul Burton
2018-09-19NFSv4.1: Fix a potential layoutget/layoutrecall deadlockTrond Myklebust
2018-09-19f2fs: fix to do sanity check with {sit,nat}_ver_bitmap_bytesizeChao Yu
2018-09-19mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Fix struct clk memory leakZumeng Chen
2018-09-19iommu/ipmmu-vmsa: Fix allocation in atomic contextGeert Uytterhoeven
2018-09-19f2fs: Fix uninitialized return in f2fs_ioc_shutdown()Dan Carpenter
2018-09-19f2fs: fix to wait on page writeback before updating pageChao Yu