AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-08Merge branch 'v3.18/topic/thermal' into linux-linaro-lsk-v3.18lsk-v3.18-15.09Kevin Hilman
2015-09-08thermal: power_allocator: allocate with kcalloc what you free with kfreev3.18/topic/thermalJavi Merino
2015-09-08thermal: power_allocator: do not use devm* interfacesDmitry Torokhov
2015-09-08thermal: cpu_cooling: Check memory allocation of power_tableJavi Merino
2015-08-25Merge branch 'v3.18/topic/fixes' into linux-linaro-lsk-v3.18lsk-v3.18-15.08Kevin Hilman
2015-08-25Merge branch 'v3.18/topic/for-stable' into linux-linaro-lsk-v3.18Kevin Hilman
2015-08-25Revert "media: remove unused variable that causes a warning"v3.18/topic/for-stableKevin Hilman
2015-08-25media: remove unused variable that causes a warningLinus Torvalds
2015-08-24Merge branch 'v3.18/topic/for-stable' into linux-linaro-lsk-v3.18Kevin Hilman
2015-08-24media: remove unused variable that causes a warningLinus Torvalds
2015-08-24Merge branch 'v3.18/topic/fixes' into linux-linaro-lsk-v3.18Kevin Hilman
2015-08-24net: sysctl_net_core: Fix warning: 'one' defined but not usedJon Medhurst
2015-08-10Merge tag 'v3.18.20' into linux-linaro-lsk-v3.18Kevin Hilman
2015-08-10Merge branch 'v3.18/topic/thermal' into linux-linaro-lsk-v3.18Kevin Hilman
2015-08-10thermal: power_allocator: trace the real requested powerJavi Merino
2015-08-07Linux 3.18.20v3.18.20Sasha Levin
2015-08-06blk-mq: fix CPU hotplug handlingMing Lei
2015-08-06SCSI: add 1024 max sectors black list flagMike Christie
2015-08-04Merge tag 'v3.18.19' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/...Kevin Hilman
2015-08-04Fix firmware loader uevent buffer NULL pointer dereferenceLinus Torvalds
2015-08-04arm64: Don't report clear pmds and puds as hugeChristoffer Dall
2015-08-049p: don't leave a half-initialized inode sitting aroundAl Viro
2015-08-049p: forgetting to cancel request on interrupted zero-copy RPCAl Viro
2015-08-04NFS: Fix size of NFSACL SETACL operationsChuck Lever
2015-08-04watchdog: omap: assert the counter being stopped before reprogrammingUwe Kleine-König
2015-08-04of: return NUMA_NO_NODE from fallback of_node_to_nid()Konstantin Khlebnikov
2015-08-04USB: usbfs: allow URBs to be reaped after disconnectionAlan Stern
2015-08-04dell-laptop: Fix allocating & freeing SMI buffer pagePali Rohár
2015-08-04mac80211: prevent possible crypto tx tailroom corruptionMichal Kazior
2015-08-04security_syslog() should be called once onlyVasily Averin
2015-08-04__bitmap_parselist: fix bug in empty string handlingChris Metcalf
2015-08-04mmc: card: Fixup request missing in mmc_blk_issue_rw_rqDing Wang
2015-08-04iser-target: Fix possible deadlock in RDMA_CM connection errorSagi Grimberg
2015-08-04iscsi-target: Convert iscsi_thread_set usage to kthread.hNicholas Bellinger
2015-08-04ACPICA: Tables: Fix an issue that FACS initialization is performed twiceLv Zheng
2015-08-04Btrfs: fix memory leak in the extent_same ioctlFilipe Manana
2015-08-04Btrfs: use kmem_cache_free when freeing entry in inode cacheFilipe Manana
2015-08-04md: fix a build warningFiro Yang
2015-08-04tracing: Have branch tracer use recursive field of task structSteven Rostedt (Red Hat)
2015-08-04tracing/filter: Do not WARN on operand count going below zeroSteven Rostedt (Red Hat)
2015-08-04libata: force disable trim for SuperSSpeed S238Arne Fitzenreiter
2015-08-04libata: add ATA_HORKAGE_NOTRIMArne Fitzenreiter
2015-08-04evm: labeling pseudo filesystems exceptionMimi Zohar
2015-08-04KEYS: ensure we free the assoc array edit if edit is validColin Ian King
2015-08-04drm: add a check for x/y in drm_mode_setcrtcZhao Junwang
2015-08-04drm/radeon: add a dpm quirk for Sapphire Radeon R9 270X 2GB GDDR5Alex Deucher
2015-08-04mmc: block: Add missing mmc_blk_put() in power_ro_lock_show()Tomas Winkler
2015-08-04dm btree: silence lockdep lock inversion in dm_btree_del()Joe Thornber
2015-08-04dm btree remove: fix bug in redistribute3Dennis Yang
2015-08-04usb: xhci: Bugfix for NULL pointer deference in xhci_endpoint_init() functionAMAN DEEP