AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-13Merge tag 'v3.14.54' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/...lsk-v3.14-15.10Kevin Hilman
2015-10-01Linux 3.14.54v3.14.54Greg Kroah-Hartman
2015-10-01NVMe: Initialize device reference count earlierKeith Busch
2015-10-01udf: Check length of extended attributes and allocation descriptorsJan Kara
2015-10-01x86/nmi/64: Use DF to avoid userspace RSP confusing nested NMI detectionAndy Lutomirski
2015-10-01x86/nmi/64: Reorder nested NMI checksAndy Lutomirski
2015-10-01x86/nmi/64: Improve nested NMI commentsAndy Lutomirski
2015-10-01x86/nmi/64: Switch stacks on userspace NMI entryAndy Lutomirski
2015-10-01x86/nmi/64: Remove asm code that saves CR2Andy Lutomirski
2015-10-01x86/nmi: Enable nested do_nmi() handling for 64-bit kernelsAndy Lutomirski
2015-10-01Revert "iio: bmg160: IIO_BUFFER and IIO_TRIGGERED_BUFFER are required"Markus Pargmann
2015-10-01net: gso: use feature flag argument in all protocol gso handlersFlorian Westphal
2015-10-01bna: fix interrupts storm caused by erroneous packetsIvan Vecera
2015-10-01udp: fix dst races with multicast early demuxEric Dumazet
2015-10-01rds: fix an integer overflow test in rds_info_getsockopt()Dan Carpenter
2015-10-01packet: missing dev_put() in packet_do_bind()Lars Westerhoff
2015-10-01fib_rules: fix fib rule dumps across multiple skbsWilson Kok
2015-10-01openvswitch: Zero flows on allocation.Jesse Gross
2015-10-01sctp: fix race on protocol/netns initializationMarcelo Ricardo Leitner
2015-10-01netlink, mmap: transform mmap skb into full skb on tapsDaniel Borkmann
2015-10-01net/ipv6: Correct PIM6 mrt_lock handlingRichard Laing
2015-10-01ipv6: fix exthdrs offload registration in out_rt pathDaniel Borkmann
2015-10-01usbnet: Get EVENT_NO_RUNTIME_PM bit before it is clearedEugene Shatokhin
2015-10-01ip6_gre: release cached dst on tunnel removalhuaibin Wang
2015-10-01net/mlx4_core: Fix wrong index in propagating port change event to VFsJack Morgenstein
2015-10-01netlink: don't hold mutex in rcu callback when releasing mmapd ringFlorian Westphal
2015-10-01inet: frags: fix defragmented packet's IP header for af_packetEdward Hyunkoo Jee
2015-10-01bonding: correct the MAC address for "follow" fail_over_mac policydingtianhong
2015-10-01bonding: fix destruction of bond with devices different from arphrd_etherNikolay Aleksandrov
2015-10-01ipv6: lock socket in ip6_datagram_connect()Eric Dumazet
2015-10-01isdn/gigaset: reset tty->receive_room when attaching ser_gigasetTilman Schmidt
2015-10-01bridge: mdb: fix double add notificationNikolay Aleksandrov
2015-10-01net: Fix skb_set_peeked use-after-free bugHerbert Xu
2015-10-01net: Fix skb csum races when peekingHerbert Xu
2015-10-01net: Clone skb before setting peeked flagHerbert Xu
2015-10-01net: call rcu_read_lock early in process_backlogJulian Anastasov
2015-10-01net: do not process device backlog during unregistrationJulian Anastasov
2015-10-01net: pktgen: fix race between pktgen_thread_worker() and kthread_stop()Oleg Nesterov
2015-10-01bridge: mdb: zero out the local br_ip variable before useNikolay Aleksandrov
2015-10-01net/tipc: initialize security state for new connection socketStephen Smalley
2015-10-01ip_tunnel: fix ipv4 pmtu check to honor inner ip header dfTimo Teräs
2015-10-01rtnetlink: verify IFLA_VF_INFO attributes before passing them to driverDaniel Borkmann
2015-10-01net: graceful exit from netif_alloc_netdev_queues()Eric Dumazet
2015-10-01ipv6: Make MLD packets to only be processed locallyAngga
2015-10-01hfs,hfsplus: cache pages correctly between bnode_create and bnode_freeHin-Tak Leung
2015-10-01stmmac: troubleshoot unexpected bits in des0 & des1Alexey Brodkin
2015-10-01IB/mlx4: Use correct SL on AH query under RoCENoa Osherovich
2015-10-01IB/mlx4: Forbid using sysfs to change RoCE pkeysJack Morgenstein
2015-10-01IB/uverbs: Fix race between ib_uverbs_open and remove_oneYishai Hadas
2015-10-01IB/uverbs: reject invalid or unknown opcodesChristoph Hellwig