AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-05-11proc: uid_cputime: fix show_uid_stat permissionJin Qian
2015-05-11nf: IDLETIMER: Fix broken uid field in the msgAmit Pundir
2015-05-04ipv4: Missing sk_nulls_node_init() in ping_unhash().David S. Miller
2015-05-01cpufreq: interactive: Round up timer_rate to match jiffyJunjie Wu
2015-05-01cpufreq: interactive: Don't set floor_validate_time during boostJunjie Wu
2015-04-29SELinux: ss: Fix policy write for ioctl operationsJeff Vander Stoep
2015-04-28nf: IDLETIMER: Adds the uid field in the msgRuchi Kandoi
2015-04-22android: configs: Enable SELinux and its dependencies.Stephen Smalley
2015-04-21SELinux: use deletion-safe iterator to free listJeff Vander Stoep
2015-04-20subsystem: CPU FREQUENCY DRIVERS- Set cpu_load calculation on current frequencyrahul.khandelwal
2015-04-15proc: uid_cputime: create uids from kuidsAmit Pundir
2015-04-14SELinux: per-command whitelisting of ioctlsJeff Vander Stoep
2015-04-14security: lsm_audit: add ioctl specific auditingJeff Vander Stoep
2015-04-14wakeup: Add last wake up source logging for suspend abort reason.Ruchi Kandoi
2015-04-13cpufreq: interactive: Put global cpufreq kobject on failureJunjie Wu
2015-04-13selinux/nlmsg: add XFRM_MSG_MAPPINGNicolas Dichtel
2015-04-13selinux/nlmsg: add XFRM_MSG_MIGRATENicolas Dichtel
2015-04-13selinux/nlmsg: add XFRM_MSG_REPORTNicolas Dichtel
2015-04-13selinux/nlmsg: add XFRM_MSG_[NEW|GET]SADINFONicolas Dichtel
2015-04-13selinux/nlmsg: add XFRM_MSG_GETSPDINFONicolas Dichtel
2015-04-13selinux/nlmsg: add XFRM_MSG_NEWSPDINFONicolas Dichtel
2015-04-09Power: Report suspend times from last_suspend_timejinqian
2015-04-06proc: uid: Adds accounting for the cputimes per uid.jinqian
2015-04-06cgroup: memcg: pass correct argument to subsys_cgroup_allow_attachAmit Pundir
2015-04-06arm: dcc_tty: fix armv6 dcc tty build failureJohn Stultz
2015-03-26net: ipv6: fix build failure if IPV6_ROUTE_INFO config is enabledAmit Pundir
2015-03-23android: base-cfg: disable ALARM_DEVMark Salyzyn
2015-03-23staging: Remove logger and alarm-dev from android MakefileJohn Stultz
2015-03-23staging: Remove the Android alarm-dev driverJohn Stultz
2015-03-23staging: Remove the Android logger driverJohn Stultz
2015-03-11seccomp: really fix syscall numbers for x86 and x86_64Alistair Strachan
2015-03-09proc: make oom adjustment files user read-onlyRom Lemarchand
2015-03-09Revert "Grants system server access to /proc/<pid>/oom_adj for Android applic...Rom Lemarchand
2015-03-03mmc: Move tracepoint creation and export symbolsDylan Reid
2015-03-03power: Remove HAS_WAKELOCK config and document WAKELOCKDylan Reid
2015-03-02android: base-cfg: turn off /dev/mem and /dev/kmemMark Salyzyn
2015-02-27input: evdev: fix double free in evdev_releaseDavid Riley
2015-02-09xt_qtaguid: use sock_gen_put() instead of xt_socket_put_sk()Amit Pundir
2015-02-05android: base-cfg: enable ARMV8_DEPRECATED and subfeaturesGreg Hackmann
2015-02-05arm64: kconfig: move emulation option under kernel featuresWill Deacon
2015-02-05kbuild: make it possible to specify the module output dirRom Lemarchand
2015-02-05arm64: Emulate SETEND for AArch32 tasksSuzuki K. Poulose
2015-02-05arm64: Consolidate hotplug notifier for instruction emulationSuzuki K. Poulose
2015-02-05arm64: kernel: explicitly add include in armv8_deprecatedDaniel Rosenberg
2015-02-05arm64: Track system support for mixed endian EL0Suzuki K. Poulose
2015-02-05arm64: Fix up /proc/cpuinfoMark Rutland
2015-02-05arm64: cpuinfo: record cpu system register valuesMark Rutland
2015-02-05arm64: add MIDR_EL1 field accessorsMark Rutland
2015-02-05arm64: fix return code check when changing emulation handlerWill Deacon
2015-02-05arm64: Trace emulation of AArch32 legacy instructionsPunit Agrawal