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@@ -534,4 +534,24 @@ config DM_ANDROID_VERITY
of the metadata contents are verified against the key included
in the system keyring. Upon success, the underlying verity
target is setup.
+ bool "Verity will validate blocks at most once"
+ depends on DM_VERITY
+ ---help---
+ Default enables at_most_once option for dm-verity
+ Verify data blocks only the first time they are read from the
+ data device, rather than every time. This reduces the overhead
+ of dm-verity so that it can be used on systems that are memory
+ and/or CPU constrained. However, it provides a reduced level
+ of security because only offline tampering of the data device's
+ content will be detected, not online tampering.
+ Hash blocks are still verified each time they are read from the
+ hash device, since verification of hash blocks is less performance
+ critical than data blocks, and a hash block will not be verified
+ any more after all the data blocks it covers have been verified anyway.
+ If unsure, say N.
endif # MD