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The 3rd cell is the flags, encoded as follows:
bits[3:0] trigger type and level flags.
1 = low-to-high edge triggered
- 2 = high-to-low edge triggered
+ 2 = high-to-low edge triggered (invalid for SPIs)
4 = active high level-sensitive
- 8 = active low level-sensitive
+ 8 = active low level-sensitive (invalid for SPIs).
bits[15:8] PPI interrupt cpu mask. Each bit corresponds to each of
the 8 possible cpus attached to the GIC. A bit set to '1' indicated
the interrupt is wired to that CPU. Only valid for PPI interrupts.
+ Also note that the configurability of PPI interrupts is IMPLEMENTATION
+ DEFINED and as such not guaranteed to be present (most SoC available
+ in 2014 seem to ignore the setting of this flag and use the hardware
+ default value).
- reg : Specifies base physical address(s) and size of the GIC registers. The
first region is the GIC distributor register base and size. The 2nd region is