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@@ -1689,6 +1689,27 @@ where the guest will clear the flag: when the soft lockup watchdog timer resets
itself or when a soft lockup is detected. This ioctl can be called any time
after pausing the vcpu, but before it is resumed.
+Architectures: x86
+Type: vm ioctl
+Parameters: struct kvm_msi (in)
+Returns: >0 on delivery, 0 if guest blocked the MSI, and -1 on error
+Directly inject a MSI message. Only valid with in-kernel irqchip that handles
+MSI messages.
+struct kvm_msi {
+ __u32 address_lo;
+ __u32 address_hi;
+ __u32 data;
+ __u32 flags;
+ __u8 pad[16];
+No flags are defined so far. The corresponding field must be 0.
5. The kvm_run structure
Application code obtains a pointer to the kvm_run structure by