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@@ -28,12 +28,11 @@ Smack kernels use the CIPSO IP option. Some network
configurations are intolerant of IP options and can impede
access to systems that use them as Smack does.
-The current git repositories for Smack user space are:
+The current git repository for Smack user space is:
- git@gitorious.org:meego-platform-security/smackutil.git
- git@gitorious.org:meego-platform-security/libsmack.git
+ git://github.com/smack-team/smack.git
-These should make and install on most modern distributions.
+This should make and install on most modern distributions.
There are three commands included in smackutil:
smackload - properly formats data for writing to /smack/load
@@ -194,6 +193,9 @@ onlycap
these capabilities are effective at for processes with any
label. The value is set by writing the desired label to the
file or cleared by writing "-" to the file.
+ Writing a Smack label here sets the access to '-' for all access
+ rules with that subject label.
You can add access rules in /etc/smack/accesses. They take the form: