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@@ -86,9 +86,8 @@ family is that it features critical limits with hysteresis, and an
increased resolution of the remote temperature measurement.
The different chipsets of the family are not strictly identical, although
-very similar. This driver doesn't handle any specific feature for now,
-with the exception of SMBus PEC. For reference, here comes a non-exhaustive
-list of specific features:
+very similar. For reference, here comes a non-exhaustive list of specific
* Filter and alert configuration register at 0xBF.
@@ -114,9 +113,11 @@ ADT7461:
* Lower resolution for remote temperature
MAX6657 and MAX6658:
+ * Better local resolution
* Remote sensor type selection
+ * Better local resolution
* Selectable address
* Second critical temperature limit
* Remote sensor type selection
@@ -127,7 +128,8 @@ MAX6680 and MAX6681:
All temperature values are given in degrees Celsius. Resolution
is 1.0 degree for the local temperature, 0.125 degree for the remote
+temperature, except for the MAX6657, MAX6658 and MAX6659 which have a
+resolution of 0.125 degree for both temperatures.
Each sensor has its own high and low limits, plus a critical limit.
Additionally, there is a relative hysteresis value common to both critical