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driver that intentionally obfuscates how the hardware works
it will go in the bitbucket.
+PM support: Since Linux is used on many portable and desktop systems, your
+ driver is likely to be used on such a system and therefore it
+ should support basic power management by implementing, if
+ necessary, the .suspend and .resume methods used during the
+ system-wide suspend and resume transitions. You should verify
+ that your driver correctly handles the suspend and resume, but
+ if you are unable to ensure that, please at least define the
+ .suspend method returning the -ENOSYS ("Function not
+ implemented") error. You should also try to make sure that your
+ driver uses as little power as possible when it's not doing
+ anything. For the driver testing instructions see
+ Documentation/power/drivers-testing.txt and for a relatively
+ complete overview of the power management issues related to
+ drivers see Documentation/power/devices.txt .
Control: In general if there is active maintainance of a driver by
the author then patches will be redirected to them unless
they are totally obvious and without need of checking.