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@@ -115,8 +115,9 @@ trojan program is running at console and which could grab your password
when you would try to login. It will kill all programs on given console
and thus letting you make sure that the login prompt you see is actually
the one from init, not some trojan program.
-IMPORTANT:In its true form it is not a true SAK like the one in :IMPORTANT
-IMPORTANT:c2 compliant systems, and it should be mistook as such. :IMPORTANT
+IMPORTANT: In its true form it is not a true SAK like the one in a :IMPORTANT
+IMPORTANT: c2 compliant system, and it should not be mistaken as :IMPORTANT
It seems other find it useful as (System Attention Key) which is
useful when you want to exit a program that will not let you switch consoles.
(For example, X or a svgalib program.)