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authorSam Ravnborg <sam@mars.ravnborg.org>2006-01-16 12:12:12 +0100
committerSam Ravnborg <sam@mars.ravnborg.org>2006-01-16 12:12:12 +0100
commit2244cbd8a9185c197ec5ba5de175aec288697223 (patch)
treeb5319213e8e1b80a2079e45d40aa761c7af39136 /scripts/kconfig/symbol.c
parent296e0855b0f9a4ec9be17106ac541745a55b2ce1 (diff)
kbuild: create .kernelrelease at *config step
To enable 'make kernelrelease' earlier now create .kernelrelease when one of the *config targets are used. Also introduce KERNELVERSION - only user is kconfig. KERNELVERSION was needed to display kernel version in menuconfig - KERNELRELEASE is not valid until configuration has completed. kconfig files modified to use KERNELVERSION. Bug reported by: Rene Rebe <rene@exactcode.de> Signed-off-by: Sam Ravnborg <sam@ravnborg.org>
Diffstat (limited to 'scripts/kconfig/symbol.c')
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/scripts/kconfig/symbol.c b/scripts/kconfig/symbol.c
index 69c2549c0baa..3d7877afccd5 100644
--- a/scripts/kconfig/symbol.c
+++ b/scripts/kconfig/symbol.c
@@ -61,10 +61,10 @@ void sym_init(void)
if (p)
sym_add_default(sym, p);
- sym = sym_lookup("KERNELRELEASE", 0);
+ sym = sym_lookup("KERNELVERSION", 0);
sym->type = S_STRING;
sym->flags |= SYMBOL_AUTO;
- p = getenv("KERNELRELEASE");
+ p = getenv("KERNELVERSION");
if (p)
sym_add_default(sym, p);