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authorLinus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>2016-06-24 15:09:37 -0700
committerLinus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>2016-06-24 15:09:37 -0700
commitb235beea9e996a4d36fed6cfef4801a3e7d7a9a5 (patch)
tree52f66350a5e07e251bb241c53520dc485b5d750a /kernel/fork.c
parent63c04ee7d3b7c8d8e2726cb7c5f8a5f6fcc1e3b2 (diff)
Clarify naming of thread info/stack allocators
We've had the thread info allocated together with the thread stack for most architectures for a long time (since the thread_info was split off from the task struct), but that is about to change. But the patches that move the thread info to be off-stack (and a part of the task struct instead) made it clear how confused the allocator and freeing functions are. Because the common case was that we share an allocation with the thread stack and the thread_info, the two pointers were identical. That identity then meant that we would have things like ti = alloc_thread_info_node(tsk, node); ... tsk->stack = ti; which certainly _worked_ (since stack and thread_info have the same value), but is rather confusing: why are we assigning a thread_info to the stack? And if we move the thread_info away, the "confusing" code just gets to be entirely bogus. So remove all this confusion, and make it clear that we are doing the stack allocation by renaming and clarifying the function names to be about the stack. The fact that the thread_info then shares the allocation is an implementation detail, and not really about the allocation itself. This is a pure renaming and type fix: we pass in the same pointer, it's just that we clarify what the pointer means. The ia64 code that actually only has one single allocation (for all of task_struct, thread_info and kernel thread stack) now looks a bit odd, but since "tsk->stack" is actually not even used there, that oddity doesn't matter. It would be a separate thing to clean that up, I intentionally left the ia64 changes as a pure brute-force renaming and type change. Acked-by: Andy Lutomirski <luto@amacapital.net> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
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1 files changed, 25 insertions, 25 deletions
diff --git a/kernel/fork.c b/kernel/fork.c
index 5c2c355aa97f..37b9439b8c07 100644
--- a/kernel/fork.c
+++ b/kernel/fork.c
@@ -148,18 +148,18 @@ static inline void free_task_struct(struct task_struct *tsk)
-void __weak arch_release_thread_info(struct thread_info *ti)
+void __weak arch_release_thread_stack(unsigned long *stack)
* Allocate pages if THREAD_SIZE is >= PAGE_SIZE, otherwise use a
* kmemcache based allocator.
-static struct thread_info *alloc_thread_info_node(struct task_struct *tsk,
+static unsigned long *alloc_thread_stack_node(struct task_struct *tsk,
int node)
struct page *page = alloc_kmem_pages_node(node, THREADINFO_GFP,
@@ -172,33 +172,33 @@ static struct thread_info *alloc_thread_info_node(struct task_struct *tsk,
return page ? page_address(page) : NULL;
-static inline void free_thread_info(struct thread_info *ti)
+static inline void free_thread_stack(unsigned long *stack)
- struct page *page = virt_to_page(ti);
+ struct page *page = virt_to_page(stack);
memcg_kmem_update_page_stat(page, MEMCG_KERNEL_STACK,
__free_kmem_pages(page, THREAD_SIZE_ORDER);
# else
-static struct kmem_cache *thread_info_cache;
+static struct kmem_cache *thread_stack_cache;
-static struct thread_info *alloc_thread_info_node(struct task_struct *tsk,
+static struct thread_info *alloc_thread_stack_node(struct task_struct *tsk,
int node)
- return kmem_cache_alloc_node(thread_info_cache, THREADINFO_GFP, node);
+ return kmem_cache_alloc_node(thread_stack_cache, THREADINFO_GFP, node);
-static void free_thread_info(struct thread_info *ti)
+static void free_stack(unsigned long *stack)
- kmem_cache_free(thread_info_cache, ti);
+ kmem_cache_free(thread_stack_cache, stack);
-void thread_info_cache_init(void)
+void thread_stack_cache_init(void)
- thread_info_cache = kmem_cache_create("thread_info", THREAD_SIZE,
+ thread_stack_cache = kmem_cache_create("thread_stack", THREAD_SIZE,
- BUG_ON(thread_info_cache == NULL);
+ BUG_ON(thread_stack_cache == NULL);
# endif
@@ -221,9 +221,9 @@ struct kmem_cache *vm_area_cachep;
/* SLAB cache for mm_struct structures (tsk->mm) */
static struct kmem_cache *mm_cachep;
-static void account_kernel_stack(struct thread_info *ti, int account)
+static void account_kernel_stack(unsigned long *stack, int account)
- struct zone *zone = page_zone(virt_to_page(ti));
+ struct zone *zone = page_zone(virt_to_page(stack));
mod_zone_page_state(zone, NR_KERNEL_STACK, account);
@@ -231,8 +231,8 @@ static void account_kernel_stack(struct thread_info *ti, int account)
void free_task(struct task_struct *tsk)
account_kernel_stack(tsk->stack, -1);
- arch_release_thread_info(tsk->stack);
- free_thread_info(tsk->stack);
+ arch_release_thread_stack(tsk->stack);
+ free_thread_stack(tsk->stack);
@@ -343,7 +343,7 @@ void set_task_stack_end_magic(struct task_struct *tsk)
static struct task_struct *dup_task_struct(struct task_struct *orig, int node)
struct task_struct *tsk;
- struct thread_info *ti;
+ unsigned long *stack;
int err;
if (node == NUMA_NO_NODE)
@@ -352,15 +352,15 @@ static struct task_struct *dup_task_struct(struct task_struct *orig, int node)
if (!tsk)
return NULL;
- ti = alloc_thread_info_node(tsk, node);
- if (!ti)
+ stack = alloc_thread_stack_node(tsk, node);
+ if (!stack)
goto free_tsk;
err = arch_dup_task_struct(tsk, orig);
if (err)
- goto free_ti;
+ goto free_stack;
- tsk->stack = ti;
+ tsk->stack = stack;
* We must handle setting up seccomp filters once we're under
@@ -392,14 +392,14 @@ static struct task_struct *dup_task_struct(struct task_struct *orig, int node)
tsk->task_frag.page = NULL;
tsk->wake_q.next = NULL;
- account_kernel_stack(ti, 1);
+ account_kernel_stack(stack, 1);
return tsk;
- free_thread_info(ti);
+ free_thread_stack(stack);
return NULL;