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authorAdam Thomson <Adam.Thomson.Opensource@diasemi.com>2015-10-07 14:27:11 +0100
committerMark Brown <broonie@kernel.org>2015-10-07 15:11:34 +0100
commit6e7c444318699496e6e6f30c875cf67534aeccc6 (patch)
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ASoC: da7213: Add support to handle mclk data provided to driver
Driver now can make use of mclk data, if provided, to set, enable and disable the clock source. As part of this, the choice to enable clock squaring is dealt with as part of dai_sysclk() call rather than as platform data. Signed-off-by: Adam Thomson <Adam.Thomson.Opensource@diasemi.com> Signed-off-by: Mark Brown <broonie@kernel.org>
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diff --git a/include/sound/da7213.h b/include/sound/da7213.h
index 673f5c39cbf2..e7eac8979995 100644
--- a/include/sound/da7213.h
+++ b/include/sound/da7213.h
@@ -44,9 +44,6 @@ struct da7213_platform_data {
enum da7213_dmic_data_sel dmic_data_sel;
enum da7213_dmic_samplephase dmic_samplephase;
enum da7213_dmic_clk_rate dmic_clk_rate;
- /* MCLK squaring config */
- bool mclk_squaring;
#endif /* _DA7213_PDATA_H */