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Merge branch 'iff_no_queue_fixups'
Phil Sutter says: ==================== fixup IFF_NO_QUEUE conversion This series serves two purposes: On one hand it fixes a quite embarrassing bug around the warning I added for drivers still setting tx_queue_len = 0 to achieve noqueue operation. It turned out to be quite useless as due to using alloc_netdev(), many in-kernel drivers fell into the trap by accident, as well. Instead this place serves pretty well as a sanitizing point to set IFF_NO_QUEUE for drivers not initializing tx_queue_len, which in turn allows to drop all special treatment of the latter being zero since that can not happen anymore without IFF_NO_QUEUE being set. On the other hand, it provides a better solution for Eric Dumazet's concern regarding how to assign noqueue to an interface which does not default to it already. In order to make this possible, noqueue is being registered so users can 'tc qd add dev eth0 root noqueue'. In addition, it resolves the ugly situation of 'tc qd show' not showing noqueue. Finally, the former changes allow for some code cleanup. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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