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authorAl Viro <viro@zeniv.linux.org.uk>2012-11-25 23:12:10 -0500
committerAl Viro <viro@zeniv.linux.org.uk>2013-02-03 15:09:18 -0500
commiteaca6eae3e0c41d41fcb9d1d70e00934988dff2e (patch)
treead1fc38c1a76d2eadccb0cd591151b09a270fc57 /arch/xtensa/include/asm/syscall.h
parent377840744bea59aacd524f496dc577463f94584b (diff)
sanitize rt_sigaction() situation a bit
Switch from __ARCH_WANT_SYS_RT_SIGACTION to opposite (!CONFIG_ODD_RT_SIGACTION); the only two architectures that need it are alpha and sparc. The reason for use of CONFIG_... instead of __ARCH_... is that it's needed only kernel-side and doing it that way avoids a mess with include order on many architectures. Signed-off-by: Al Viro <viro@zeniv.linux.org.uk>
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diff --git a/arch/xtensa/include/asm/syscall.h b/arch/xtensa/include/asm/syscall.h
index 8d5e47fad095..6cf7c6c07a84 100644
--- a/arch/xtensa/include/asm/syscall.h
+++ b/arch/xtensa/include/asm/syscall.h
@@ -9,15 +9,10 @@
struct pt_regs;
-struct sigaction;
asmlinkage long xtensa_ptrace(long, long, long, long);
asmlinkage long xtensa_sigreturn(struct pt_regs*);
asmlinkage long xtensa_rt_sigreturn(struct pt_regs*);
asmlinkage long xtensa_sigaltstack(struct pt_regs *regs);
-asmlinkage long sys_rt_sigaction(int,
- const struct sigaction __user *,
- struct sigaction __user *,
- size_t);
asmlinkage long xtensa_shmat(int, char __user *, int);
asmlinkage long xtensa_fadvise64_64(int, int,
unsigned long long, unsigned long long);