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Merge branch 'nfsd-next' of git://linux-nfs.org/~bfields/linux
Pull nfsd changes from J. Bruce Fields: "This has been an unusually quiet cycle--mostly bugfixes and cleanup. The one large piece is Stanislav's work to containerize the server's grace period--but that in itself is just one more step in a not-yet-complete project to allow fully containerized nfs service. There are a number of outstanding delegation, container, v4 state, and gss patches that aren't quite ready yet; 3.7 may be wilder." * 'nfsd-next' of git://linux-nfs.org/~bfields/linux: (35 commits) NFSd: make boot_time variable per network namespace NFSd: make grace end flag per network namespace Lockd: move grace period management from lockd() to per-net functions LockD: pass actual network namespace to grace period management functions LockD: manage grace list per network namespace SUNRPC: service request network namespace helper introduced NFSd: make nfsd4_manager allocated per network namespace context. LockD: make lockd manager allocated per network namespace LockD: manage grace period per network namespace Lockd: add more debug to host shutdown functions Lockd: host complaining function introduced LockD: manage used host count per networks namespace LockD: manage garbage collection timeout per networks namespace LockD: make garbage collector network namespace aware. LockD: mark host per network namespace on garbage collect nfsd4: fix missing fault_inject.h include locks: move lease-specific code out of locks_delete_lock locks: prevent side-effects of locks_release_private before file_lock is initialized NFSd: set nfsd_serv to NULL after service destruction NFSd: introduce nfsd_destroy() helper ...
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