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Merge branches 'pci/iommu' and 'pci/resource' into next
* pci/iommu: of: Calculate device DMA masks based on DT dma-range size arm: dma-mapping: limit IOMMU mapping size PCI: Update DMA configuration from DT of/pci: Add of_pci_dma_configure() to update DMA configuration PCI: Add helper functions pci_get[put]_host_bridge_device() of: Fix size when dma-range is not used of: Move of_dma_configure() to device.c to help re-use of: iommu: Add ptr to OF node arg to of_iommu_configure() * pci/resource: PCI: Fail pci_ioremap_bar() on unassigned resources PCI: Show driver, BAR#, and resource on pci_ioremap_bar() failure PCI: Mark invalid BARs as unassigned PNP: Don't check for overlaps with unassigned PCI BARs