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Merge branches 'pci/irq', 'pci/misc', 'pci/resource' and 'pci/virtualization' into next
* pci/irq: PCI/MSI: Free legacy IRQ when enabling MSI/MSI-X PCI: Add helpers to manage pci_dev->irq and pci_dev->irq_managed PCI, x86: Implement pcibios_alloc_irq() and pcibios_free_irq() PCI: Add pcibios_alloc_irq() and pcibios_free_irq() * pci/misc: PCI: Remove unused "pci_probe" flags PCI: Add VPD function 0 quirk for Intel Ethernet devices PCI: Add dev_flags bit to access VPD through function 0 PCI / ACPI: Fix pci_acpi_optimize_delay() comment PCI: Remove a broken link in quirks.c PCI: Remove useless redundant code PCI: Simplify pci_find_(ext_)capability() return value checks PCI: Move PCI_FIND_CAP_TTL to pci.h and use it in quirks PCI: Add pcie_downstream_port() (true for Root and Switch Downstream Ports) PCI: Fix pcie_port_device_resume() comment PCI: Shift PCI_CLASS_NOT_DEFINED consistently with other classes PCI: Revert aeb30016fec3 ("PCI: add Intel USB specific reset method") PCI: Fix TI816X class code quirk PCI: Fix generic NCR 53c810 class code quirk PCI: Use PCI_CLASS_SERIAL_USB instead of bare number PCI: Add quirk for Intersil/Techwell TW686[4589] AV capture cards PCI: Remove Intel Cherrytrail D3 delays * pci/resource: PCI: Call pci_read_bridge_bases() from core instead of arch code * pci/virtualization: PCI: Restore ACS configuration as part of pci_restore_state()