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authorMyron Stowe <mstowe@redhat.com>2011-10-28 15:48:38 -0600
committerJesse Barnes <jbarnes@virtuousgeek.org>2012-01-06 12:10:42 -0800
commit96c5590058d7fded14f43af2ab521436cecf3125 (patch)
tree673577f86b1ee8886c27cc86333fdfdc6cc783ac /arch/frv/mb93090-mb00
parent9cdce18d6f0baae53f012fb3f50e66e7ff24c509 (diff)
PCI: Pull PCI 'latency timer' setup up into the core
The 'latency timer' of PCI devices, both Type 0 and Type 1, is setup in architecture-specific code [see: 'pcibios_set_master()']. There are two approaches being taken by all the architectures - check if the 'latency timer' is currently set between 16 and 255 and if not bring it within bounds, or, do nothing (and then there is the gratuitously different PA-RISC implementation). There is nothing architecture-specific about PCI's 'latency timer' so this patch pulls its setup functionality up into the PCI core by creating a generic 'pcibios_set_master()' function using the '__weak' attribute which can be used by all architectures as a default which, if necessary, can then be over-ridden by architecture-specific code. No functional change. Signed-off-by: Myron Stowe <myron.stowe@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: Jesse Barnes <jbarnes@virtuousgeek.org>
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diff --git a/arch/frv/mb93090-mb00/pci-frv.c b/arch/frv/mb93090-mb00/pci-frv.c
index 6b4fb28e9f99..6a0cd644d7cc 100644
--- a/arch/frv/mb93090-mb00/pci-frv.c
+++ b/arch/frv/mb93090-mb00/pci-frv.c
@@ -195,12 +195,6 @@ void __init pcibios_resource_survey(void)
- * If we set up a device for bus mastering, we need to check the latency
- * timer as certain crappy BIOSes forget to set it properly.
- */
-unsigned int pcibios_max_latency = 255;
void pcibios_set_master(struct pci_dev *dev)
u8 lat;
diff --git a/arch/frv/mb93090-mb00/pci-frv.h b/arch/frv/mb93090-mb00/pci-frv.h
index f3fe55914793..089eeba4f3bc 100644
--- a/arch/frv/mb93090-mb00/pci-frv.h
+++ b/arch/frv/mb93090-mb00/pci-frv.h
@@ -26,8 +26,6 @@ extern unsigned int __nongpreldata pci_probe;
/* pci-frv.c */
-extern unsigned int pcibios_max_latency;
void pcibios_resource_survey(void);
/* pci-vdk.c */