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hwmon: (lm85) Implement the standard PWM frequency interface
Implement the standard PWM frequency interface: pwm[1-*]_freq in units of 1 Hz, instead of the non-standard pwm[1-*]_auto_pwm_freq in units of 0.1 Hz. The old naming was not only non-standard, it was also confusing, because it suggested that the frequency value only applied in automatic fan speed mode, which isn't true. Signed-off-by: Jean Delvare <khali@linux-fr.org> Acked-by: Herbert Poetzl <herbert@13thfloor.at>
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@@ -163,16 +163,6 @@ configured individually according to the following options.
* pwm#_auto_pwm_min - this specifies the PWM value for temp#_auto_temp_off
temperature. (PWM value from 0 to 255)
-* pwm#_auto_pwm_freq - select base frequency of PWM output. You can select
- in range of 10.0 to 94.0 Hz in .1 Hz units.
- (Values 100 to 940).
-The pwm#_auto_pwm_freq can be set to one of the following 8 values. Setting the
-frequency to a value not on this list, will result in the next higher frequency
-being selected. The actual device frequency may vary slightly from this
-specification as designed by the manufacturer. Consult the datasheet for more
-details. (PWM Frequency values: 100, 150, 230, 300, 380, 470, 620, 940)
* pwm#_auto_pwm_minctl - this flags selects for temp#_auto_temp_off temperature
the bahaviour of fans. Write 1 to let fans spinning at
pwm#_auto_pwm_min or write 0 to let them off.