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authorRoy Franz <roy.franz@linaro.org>2013-10-04 09:02:46 -0700
committerMark Brown <broonie@linaro.org>2014-06-16 21:18:45 +0100
commite71568252c280a4c88c888e5372821c275abc101 (patch)
parent5edf9a137d25f1b95866eaa7d9948b9b36e5776a (diff)
boot, efi: Remove redundant memset()
Remove a redundant memset() call from efi_relocate_kernel() that was clearing memory that would be used by BSS in non-compressed images loaded with this function. This clear was redundant with the clearing done in the image itself, and also implemented incorrectly with a 0 length. Signed-off-by: Roy Franz <roy.franz@linaro.org> Acked-by: Mark Salter <msalter@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: Matt Fleming <matt.fleming@intel.com> (cherry picked from commit c158c3bf59951bbb44bd7ccca9e6665dfd1617c5) Signed-off-by: Mark Brown <broonie@linaro.org>
1 files changed, 0 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/firmware/efi/efi-stub-helper.c b/drivers/firmware/efi/efi-stub-helper.c
index cc0581daa9ed..b6bffbfd3be7 100644
--- a/drivers/firmware/efi/efi-stub-helper.c
+++ b/drivers/firmware/efi/efi-stub-helper.c
@@ -567,8 +567,6 @@ static efi_status_t efi_relocate_kernel(efi_system_table_t *sys_table_arg,
* have been allocated by UEFI, so we can safely use memcpy.
memcpy((void *)new_addr, (void *)cur_image_addr, image_size);
- /* Zero any extra space we may have allocated for BSS. */
- memset((void *)(new_addr + image_size), alloc_size - image_size, 0);
/* Return the new address of the relocated image. */
*image_addr = new_addr;