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authorSage Weil <sage@redhat.com>2014-08-04 07:01:54 -0700
committerGreg Kroah-Hartman <gregkh@linuxfoundation.org>2014-09-17 09:04:02 -0700
commit12477ec830cb1bd188f23b80f6a0d976dd19090e (patch)
parent842a5780d61743550cf319f1bb4aee6778088b1c (diff)
libceph: gracefully handle large reply messages from the mon
commit 73c3d4812b4c755efeca0140f606f83772a39ce4 upstream. We preallocate a few of the message types we get back from the mon. If we get a larger message than we are expecting, fall back to trying to allocate a new one instead of blindly using the one we have. Signed-off-by: Sage Weil <sage@redhat.com> Reviewed-by: Ilya Dryomov <ilya.dryomov@inktank.com> Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <gregkh@linuxfoundation.org>
1 files changed, 8 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/net/ceph/mon_client.c b/net/ceph/mon_client.c
index 2ac9ef35110b..dbcbf5a4707f 100644
--- a/net/ceph/mon_client.c
+++ b/net/ceph/mon_client.c
@@ -1041,7 +1041,15 @@ static struct ceph_msg *mon_alloc_msg(struct ceph_connection *con,
if (!m) {
pr_info("alloc_msg unknown type %d\n", type);
*skip = 1;
+ } else if (front_len > m->front_alloc_len) {
+ pr_warning("mon_alloc_msg front %d > prealloc %d (%u#%llu)\n",
+ front_len, m->front_alloc_len,
+ (unsigned int)con->peer_name.type,
+ le64_to_cpu(con->peer_name.num));
+ ceph_msg_put(m);
+ m = ceph_msg_new(type, front_len, GFP_NOFS, false);
return m;