BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
config-boards-3.10arndale.conf: enable CONFIG_TUNAndrey Konovalov8 years
config-boards-3.11linaro/configs: arndale: Enable USB3503 HSIC driverTushar Behera8 years
config-boards-3.12Revert "panda.conf: disable CPU_IDLE to workaround Panda ES boot failure"Andrey Konovalov8 years
config-boards-3.13linaro/configs: arndale: Enable stub-audio supportTushar Behera7 years
config-boards-3.14linaro/configs: arndale_octa: Enable iommu supportTushar Behera7 years
config-boards-3.15vexpress64.conf: enable CONFIG_PREEMPT to workaround boot failureAndrey Konovalov7 years
config-boards-3.16linaro/configs: arndale: disable DRM_EXYNOS_IOMMUAndrey Konovalov7 years
config-boards-3.17linaro/configs: arndale: disable DRM_EXYNOS_IOMMUAndrey Konovalov7 years
config-boards-3.19configs: vexpress64: Enable devices used on JunoJon Medhurst6 years
config-boards-3.4OMAP4: config: Allow Blaze supportRicardo Salveti de Araujo9 years
config-boards-3.5origen.conf: adding PERF_COUNTERS and enabling LEDSRicardo Salveti de Araujo9 years
config-boards-3.6Add config for Arndale boardFathi Boudra9 years
config-boards-3.7arndale.conf: sync arndale config fragment with linux-linaro-tracking tree.Fathi Boudra8 years
config-boards-3.8configs: vexpress: Changes needed for Linux 3.8Jon Medhurst8 years
config-boards-3.9omap4.conf: Disable OMAP2 supportPeter Ujfalusi8 years
config-boards-4.0linaro/configs: ifc6410: disable MSM_DSIAndrey Konovalov6 years
config-boards-4.1configs: vexpress64: Add PCI related configs use by for Juno r1Jon Medhurst6 years
config-boards-4.2configs: vexpress: Fix USB config for Linux 4.0Jon Medhurst6 years
config-boards-4.3configs: vexpress: Fix USB config for Linux 4.0Jon Medhurst6 years
config-boards-4.4configs: vexpress64: Add PCI related configs needed by Juno r1Jon Medhurst6 years
config-boards-4.5configs: vexpress64: Add PCI related configs needed by Juno r1Jon Medhurst6 years
config-boards-trackingconfigs: vexpress64: Add PCI related configs needed by Juno r1Jon Medhurst6 years
config-core-3.10Add snippet for xen-enabled kernelsWookey8 years
config-core-3.11linaro/configs: add hugepage config fragmentZi Shen Lim8 years
config-core-3.12configs: add network namespace and virtual ethernetZi Shen Lim8 years
config-core-3.13distribution.conf: enable BLK_DEV_LOOPRiku Voipio7 years
config-core-3.14bigendian.conf: remove CONFIG_CPU_BE8_BOOT_LEAndrey Konovalov7 years
config-core-3.15configs: android: Enable SELinux related configsVishal Bhoj7 years
config-core-3.16configs: Add config fragment for gcovRiku Voipio7 years
config-core-3.17distribution.conf: CONFIG_IPV6=mAndrey Konovalov7 years
config-core-3.18audit.conf: remove AUDIT_ARCH_COMPAT_GENERICFathi Boudra6 years
config-core-3.4config: ubuntu: ATH6KL should be platform dependentRicardo Salveti de Araujo9 years
config-core-3.5configs: android: Enable CONFIG_INPUT_UINPUT to get aidb workingJon Medhurst9 years
config-core-3.6linaro/configs: ubuntu: Disable support for generic OHCI platform driverTushar Behera9 years
config-core-3.7configs: linaro-base: Set CONFIG_PROC_DEVICETREE=yJon Medhurst9 years
config-core-3.8ubuntu-minimal.conf: add CONFIG_CGROUPS and CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS for systemdFathi Boudra8 years
config-core-3.9configs: Move CONFIG_PROVE_LOCKING from linaro-base.conf to debug.confAndrey Konovalov8 years
config-core-4.1Rename preempt-rt.config to preempt-rt.conf to follow the general ruleAndrey Konovalov6 years
config-core-4.2distribution.conf: add few options required by systemdAndrey Konovalov6 years
config-core-4.3configs: android: Add android.conf with configs from AOSP kernelJon Medhurst6 years
config-core-4.4linaro/configs: add no_hz_full fragmentAnders Roxell5 years
config-core-4.5linaro/configs: add no_hz_full fragmentAnders Roxell5 years
config-core-trackinglinaro/configs: add no_hz_full fragmentAnders Roxell5 years
config-trackingMerge branch 'config-core-tracking' into config-trackingAndrey Konovalov5 years