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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-03-23ceph: prevent dup stale messages to console for restarting mdsSage Weil
2010-03-23ceph: fix pg pool decoding from incremental osdmap updateSage Weil
2010-03-23ceph: fix mds sync() race with completing requestsSage Weil
2010-03-23ceph: only release unused caps with mds requestsSage Weil
2010-03-23ceph: clean up handle_cap_grant, handle_caps wrt session mutexSage Weil
2010-03-23ceph: fix session locking in handle_caps, ceph_check_capsSage Weil
2010-03-23ceph: drop unnecessary WARN_ON in caps migrationSage Weil
2010-03-23ceph: fix null pointer deref of r_osd in debug outputSage Weil
2010-03-23ceph: clean up service ticket decodingSage Weil
2010-03-22AFS: Potential null dereferenceDan Carpenter
2010-03-22NFS: don't try to decode GETATTR if DELEGRETURN returned errorJeff Layton
2010-03-22nilfs2: fix duplicate call to nilfs_segctor_cancel_freevRyusuke Konishi
2010-03-20ceph: release old ticket_blob bufferSage Weil
2010-03-20ceph: fix authenticator buffer size calculationSage Weil
2010-03-20ceph: fix authenticator timeoutSage Weil
2010-03-20ceph: fix inode removal from snap realm when racing with migrationSage Weil
2010-03-20ceph: add missing locking to protect i_snap_realm_item during splitSage Weil
2010-03-20ceph: implemented caps should always be superset of issued capsSage Weil
2010-03-19ocfs2: Init meta_ac properly in ocfs2_create_empty_xattr_block.Tao Ma
2010-03-19ocfs2: Fix the update of name_offset when removing xattrsTao Ma
2010-03-19NFS: Prevent another deadlock in nfs_release_page()Trond Myklebust
2010-03-19Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2010-03-19Merge git:// Torvalds
2010-03-18Merge git:// Torvalds
2010-03-18Merge branch 'bugfixes' of git:// Torvalds
2010-03-18Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2010-03-18ocfs2: Always try for maximum bits with new local alloc windowsMark Fasheh
2010-03-18Btrfs: fix the inode ref searches done by btrfs_search_path_in_treeChris Mason
2010-03-18Btrfs: allow treeid==0 in the inode lookup ioctlChris Mason
2010-03-18Btrfs: return keys for large items to the search ioctlChris Mason
2010-03-18Btrfs: fix key checks and advance in the search ioctlChris Mason
2010-03-17ntfs: use bitmap_weightAkinobu Mita
2010-03-17jffs2: fix up rb_root initializations to use RB_ROOTVenkatesh Pallipadi
2010-03-17ocfs2: set i_mode on disk during acl operationsMark Fasheh
2010-03-17ocfs2: Update i_blocks in reflink operations.Tao Ma
2010-03-17ocfs2: Change bg_chain check for ocfs2_validate_gd_parent.Tao Ma
2010-03-17[PATCH] Skip check for mandatory locks when unlockingSachin Prabhu
2010-03-16xfs: don't warn about page discards on shutdownDave Chinner
2010-03-16xfs: use scalable vmap APIAlex Elder
2010-03-16xfs: remove old vmap cacheAlex Elder
2010-03-16Btrfs: buffer results in the space_info ioctlChris Mason
2010-03-16Btrfs: use __u64 types in ioctl.hSage Weil
2010-03-16Btrfs: fix search_ioctl key advanceSage Weil
2010-03-15NFS: ensure bdi_unregister is called on mount failure.NeilBrown
2010-03-15cifs: trivial white spaceDan Carpenter
2010-03-15Btrfs: fix gfp flags masking in the compression codeNick Piggin
2010-03-15Btrfs: don't look at bio flags after submit_bioChris Mason
2010-03-15btrfs: using btrfs_stack_device_id() get devidXiao Guangrong
2010-03-15btrfs: use memparseAkinobu Mita
2010-03-15Btrfs: add a "df" ioctl for btrfsJosef Bacik