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+Notes for the QLogic ISP1020 PCI SCSI Driver:
+This driver works well in practice, but does not support disconnect/
+reconnect, which makes using it with tape drives impractical.
+It should work for most host adaptors with the ISP1020 chip. The
+QLogic Corporation produces several PCI SCSI adapters which should
+ * IQ-PCI
+ * IQ-PCI-10
+ * IQ-PCI-D
+This driver may work with boards containing the ISP1020A or ISP1040A
+chips, but that has not been tested.
+This driver will NOT work with:
+ * ISA or VL Bus Qlogic cards (they use the 'qlogicfas' driver)
+ * PCI-basic (it uses the 'am53c974' driver)
+Much thanks to QLogic's tech support for providing the latest ISP1020
+firmware, and for taking the time to review my code.
+Erik Moe
+Michael A. Griffith