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+The following is a list of files and features that are going to be
+removed in the kernel source tree. Every entry should contain what
+exactly is going away, why it is happening, and who is going to be doing
+the work. When the feature is removed from the kernel, it should also
+be removed from this file.
+What: devfs
+When: July 2005
+Files: fs/devfs/*, include/linux/devfs_fs*.h and assorted devfs
+ function calls throughout the kernel tree
+Why: It has been unmaintained for a number of years, has unfixable
+ races, contains a naming policy within the kernel that is
+ against the LSB, and can be replaced by using udev.
+Who: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
+What: ACPI S4bios support
+When: May 2005
+Why: Noone uses it, and it probably does not work, anyway. swsusp is
+ faster, more reliable, and people are actually using it.
+Who: Pavel Machek <>
+What: PCI Name Database (CONFIG_PCI_NAMES)
+When: July 2005
+Why: It bloats the kernel unnecessarily, and is handled by userspace better
+ (pciutils supports it.) Will eliminate the need to try to keep the
+ pci.ids file in sync with the database all of the time.
+Who: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
+What: io_remap_page_range() (macro or function)
+When: September 2005
+Why: Replaced by io_remap_pfn_range() which allows more memory space
+ addressabilty (by using a pfn) and supports sparc & sparc64
+ iospace as part of the pfn.
+Who: Randy Dunlap <>