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+This is a brief list of all the files in ./linux/Documentation and what
+they contain. If you add a documentation file, please list it here in
+alphabetical order as well, or risk being hunted down like a rabid dog.
+Please try and keep the descriptions small enough to fit on one line.
+ Thanks -- Paul G.
+Following translations are available on the WWW:
+ - Japanese, maintained by the JF Project (, at
+ - this file.
+ - directory with info on BitKeeper.
+ - brute force method of doing binary search of patches to find bug.
+ - list of changes that break older software packages.
+ - how the boss likes the C code in the kernel to look.
+ - DMA API, pci_ API & extensions for non-consistent memory machines.
+ - info for PCI drivers using DMA portably across all platforms.
+ - directory with DocBook templates etc. for kernel documentation.
+ - how to access I/O mapped memory from within device drivers.
+ - info on Linux Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) Driver.
+ - how to select which CPU(s) handle which interrupt events on SMP.
+ - how to (attempt to) manage kernel hackers.
+ - the Message Signaled Interrupts (MSI) Driver Guide HOWTO and FAQ.
+ - directory with info on RCU (read-copy update).
+ - info on Mylex DAC960/DAC1100 PCI RAID Controller Driver for Linux.
+ - info on Secure Attention Keys.
+ - procedure to get a new driver source included into the kernel tree.
+ - procedure to get a source patch included into the kernel tree.
+ - how to change your VGA cursor from a blinking underscore.
+ - directory with info about Linux on the ARM architecture.
+ - basic instructions for those who wants to profile Linux kernel.
+ - info on the kernel support for extra binary formats.
+ - info on the Block I/O (BIO) layer.
+ - describes the cache/TLB flushing interfaces Linux uses.
+ - info, major/minor #'s for Compaq's SMART Array Controllers.
+ - directory with information on the CD-ROM drivers that Linux has.
+ - cli()/sti() removal guide.
+ - info on Computone Intelliport II/Plus Multiport Serial Driver.
+ - info on using Compaq's SMART2 Intelligent Disk Array Controllers.
+ - info on CPU frequency and voltage scaling.
+ - directory with info about Linux on CRIS architecture.
+ - directory with info on the Crypto API.
+ - some notes on debugging modules after Linux 2.6.3.
+ - directory with info on Device Mapper.
+ - plain ASCII listing of all the nodes in /dev/ with major minor #'s.
+ - info on Digi Intl. {PC,PCI,EISA}Xx and Xem series cards.
+ - info about directory notification in Linux.
+ - directory with info about Linux driver model.
+ - info on Linux Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) subsystem.
+ - info about initramfs, klibc, and userspace early during boot.
+ - info on EISA bus support.
+ - how Linux v2.2 handles exceptions without verify_area etc.
+ - directory with info on the frame buffer graphics abstraction layer.
+ - directory with info on the various filesystems that Linux supports.
+ - request_firmware() hotplug interface info.
+ - notes and driver options for the floppy disk driver.
+ - notes about the floppy tape device driver.
+ - info on using the Hayes ESP serial driver.
+ - notes on the change from 16 bit to 32 bit user/group IDs.
+ - High Precision Event Timer Driver for Linux.
+ - info on Linux support for random number generator in i8xx chipsets.
+ - directory with info about the I2C bus/protocol (2 wire, kHz speed).
+ - directory with info about the Linux I2O subsystem.
+ - directory with info about Linux on Intel 32 bit architecture.
+ - directory with info about Linux on Intel 64 bit architecture.
+ - important info for users of ATA devices (IDE/EIDE disks and CD-ROMS).
+ - how to use the RAM disk as an initial/temporary root filesystem.
+ - info on Linux input device support.
+ - info on ordering I/O writes to memory-mapped addresses.
+ - how to implement and register device/driver ioctl calls.
+ - info on I/O statistics Linux kernel provides.
+ - info on Linux ISA Plug & Play support.
+ - directory with info on the Linux ISDN support, and supported cards.
+ - info on the in-kernel binary support for Java(tm).
+ - directory with info about the kernel build process.
+ - mini HowTo on generation and location of kernel documentation files.
+ - listing of various WWW + books that document kernel internals.
+ - summary listing of command line / boot prompt args for the kernel.
+ - info of the kobject infrastructure of the Linux kernel.
+ - How to conserve battery power using laptop-mode.
+ - a brief description of LDM (Windows Dynamic Disks).
+ - info on file locking implementations, flock() vs. fcntl(), etc.
+ - Full colour GIF image of Linux logo (penguin).
+ - Info on creator of above logo & site to get additional images from.
+ - directory with info about Linux on Motorola 68k architecture.
+ - list of magic numbers used to mark/protect kernel data structures.
+ - info on the Linux implementation of Sys V mandatory file locking.
+ - info on supporting Micro Channel Architecture (e.g. PS/2) systems.
+ - info on boot arguments for the multiple devices driver.
+ - info on typical Linux memory problems.
+ - directory with info about Linux on MIPS architecture.
+ - how to execute Mono-based .NET binaries with the help of BINFMT_MISC.
+ - info on installing/using Moxa multiport serial driver.
+ - how to use PPro Memory Type Range Registers to increase performance.
+ - info on a TCP implementation of a network block device.
+ - directory with info on various aspects of networking with Linux.
+ - short guide on setting up a diskless box with NFS root filesystem.
+ - info on NMI watchdog for SMP systems.
+ - info on how to read Numa policy hit/miss statistics in sysfs.
+ - how to decode those nasty internal kernel error dump messages.
+ - information about the parallel port IDE subsystem.
+ - directory with info on using Linux on PA-RISC architecture.
+ - how to use the parallel-port driver.
+ - description and usage of the low level parallel port functions.
+ - info on the PCI subsystem for device driver authors.
+ - info on Linux power management support.
+ - Linux Plug and Play documentation.
+ - directory with info on Linux PCI power management.
+ - directory with info on using Linux with the PowerPC.
+ - info on locking under a preemptive kernel.
+ - short guide on how to set up and use the RAM disk.
+ - notes on using the RISCom/8 multi-port serial driver.
+ - info on the Comtrol RocketPort multiport serial driver.
+ - introduction to the caching mechanisms in the sunrpc layer.
+ - notes on how to use the Real Time Clock (aka CMOS clock) driver.
+ - directory with info on using Linux on the IBM S390.
+ - reference for various scheduler-related methods in the O(1) scheduler.
+ - goals, design and implementation of the Linux O(1) scheduler.
+ - information on scheduling domains.
+ - information on schedstats (Linux Scheduler Statistics).
+ - directory with info on Linux scsi support.
+ - directory with info on the low level serial API.
+ - how to set up Linux with a serial line console as the default.
+ - short blurb on the SGI Visual Workstations.
+ - directory with info on porting Linux to a new architecture.
+ - description of the Smart Config makefile feature.
+ - a few notes on symmetric multi-processing.
+ - info on Linux Sony Programmable I/O Device support.
+ - directory with info on sound card support.
+ - directory with info on using Linux on Sparc architecture.
+ - info on hardware/driver for specialix IO8+ multiport serial card.
+ - info on using spinlocks to provide exclusive access in kernel.
+ - info on using the Stallion multiport serial driver.
+ - short guide on selecting video modes at boot via VGA BIOS.
+ - info on the Specialix SX/SI multiport serial driver.
+ - directory with info on the /proc/sys/* files.
+ - info on the magic SysRq key.
+ - directory with info on telephony (e.g. voice over IP) support.
+ - info on time interpolators.
+ - information about Parallel link cable for Texas Instruments handhelds.
+ - guide to the locking policies of the tty layer.
+ - info on the Unicode character/font mapping used in Linux.
+ - directory with infomation about User Mode Linux.
+ - directory with info regarding the Universal Serial Bus.
+ - directory with info regarding video/TV/radio cards and linux.
+ - directory with info on the Linux vm code.
+ - guide to running Linux on the Voyager architecture.
+ - how to auto-reboot Linux if it has "fallen and can't get up". ;-)
+ - directory with info on Linux support for AMD x86-64 (Hammer) machines.
+ - XPM image of penguin logo (see logo.txt) sitting on an xterm.
+ - info on writing drivers for Zorro bus devices found on Amigas.