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* (180 commits) V4L/DVB (4641): Trivial: use lowercase letters in hex subsystem ids V4L/DVB (4639): Cx88: add autodetection for alternate revision of Leadtek PVR V4L/DVB (4638): Basic DVB-T and analog TV support for the HVR1300. V4L/DVB (4637): Add a default method for VIDIOC_G_PARM V4L/DVB (4635): Extend bttv and saa7134 to check for both AGP and PCI PCI failure case V4L/DVB (4634): Zr36120: implement pcipci checks V4L/DVB (4632): Zoran: Implement pcipci failure check V4L/DVB (4631): Av7110: remove V4L2_CAP_VBI_CAPTURE flag V4L/DVB (4630): Av7110: FW_LOADER depemdency fixed V4L/DVB (4629): Saa7134: add card support for Proteus Pro 2309 V4L/DVB (4628): Fix VIDIOC_ENUMSTD ioctl in videodev.c V4L/DVB (4627): Vivi crashes with mplayer V4L/DVB (4626): On saa7111/7113, LUMA_CTRL need a different value V4L/DVB (4624): Tvaudio: Replaced kernel_thread() with kthread_run() V4L/DVB (4622): Copy-paste bug in videodev.c V4L/DVB (4620): Fix AGC configuration for MOD3000P-based boards V4L/DVB (4619): Fixes some I2C dependencies on V4L devices V4L/DVB (4617): Problem with dibusb-mb.c USB IDs V4L/DVB (4616): [PATCH] Nebula DigiTV USB RC support V4L/DVB (4614): Export symbol saa7134_tvaudio_setmute from saa7134 for saa7134-alsa ...
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