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@@ -25,12 +25,23 @@ routines, and should be zero-initialized except for fields with data you
provide. A client structure holds device-specific information like the
driver model device node, and its I2C address.
+/* iff driver uses driver model ("new style") binding model: */
+static struct i2c_device_id foo_idtable[] = {
+ { "foo", my_id_for_foo },
+ { "bar", my_id_for_bar },
+ { }
+MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE(i2c, foo_idtable);
static struct i2c_driver foo_driver = {
.driver = {
.name = "foo",
/* iff driver uses driver model ("new style") binding model: */
+ .id_table = foo_ids,
.probe = foo_probe,
.remove = foo_remove,
@@ -173,10 +184,9 @@ handle may be used during foo_probe(). If foo_probe() reports success
(zero not a negative status code) it may save the handle and use it until
foo_remove() returns. That binding model is used by most Linux drivers.
-Drivers match devices when i2c_client.driver_name and the driver name are
-the same; this approach is used in several other busses that don't have
-device typing support in the hardware. The driver and module name should
-match, so hotplug/coldplug mechanisms will modprobe the driver.
+The probe function is called when an entry in the id_table name field
+matches the device's name. It is passed the entry that was matched so
+the driver knows which one in the table matched.
Device Creation (Standard driver model)