AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-11s3_purge: enable delete_key to set delete markerKelley Spoon
2019-09-26Token_cleanup: Add a token cleanup scriptBenjamin Copeland
2019-08-06views.py: check X_FORWARDED_FOR if set for whitelisted IPKelley Spoon
2019-06-17Improve documentationRiku Voipio
2019-05-17textile: revert change to lockdown version of Textile givenKelley Spoon
2019-05-17textile: use utf-8Riku Voipio
2019-05-13Dockerfile: Update dockerfile docsBenjamin Copeland
2019-05-02Whitelist: Add cambridge lab IPBenjamin Copeland
2019-04-29textile: lock to known working versionKelley Spoon
2019-02-14Django: Update to latest LTSBenjamin Copeland
2018-12-07Update text about Auth-GroupsLuis Machado
2018-11-16s3_purge: fix the releases deletemarker bug and code cleanupBenjamin Copeland
2018-11-13s3_purge: Delete S3 versioned objectsBenjamin Copeland
2018-10-11Whitelist: Add lkft.validation.linaro.orgBenjamin Copeland
2018-08-16Whitelist: Update whitelist for ARMBenjamin Copeland
2018-05-30Settings: import proxy_settings file if presentKelley Spoon
2018-05-24Settings: expand check for SECRET_KEYKelley Spoon
2018-05-24Settings: Move report csv to prevent overwrites in dockerKelley Spoon
2018-05-18Revert "Settings: Remove legacy folder creation"Benjamin Copeland
2018-05-09Settings: Remove legacy folder creationBenjamin Copeland
2018-05-09Docker: Update docker commandBenjamin Copeland
2018-05-08site_name: Set hostname using settings fileBenjamin Copeland
2018-05-02Docker: add a script to reload gunicorn from outside the containerKelley Spoon
2018-04-30Whitelist: Update whitelist IPSBenjamin Copeland
2018-04-11Dockerfile: Update READMEBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-19Revert "Views: Option to disable protection."Benjamin Copeland
2018-03-15License: Make Digest field uniqueBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-15Template: Use a default icon if one does not existBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-14Docker: Update to correct portBenjamin Copeland
2018-03-14Views: Option to disable protection.Benjamin Copeland
2018-03-08Settings: Update TEMPLATES for django 1.11Kelley Spoon
2018-02-20s3_sanity: Update master bucketBenjamin Copeland
2018-01-23URLS: Add missing viewBen Copeland
2018-01-23Requirements: Remove duplicate package and sortBen Copeland
2018-01-22LLP: Changes for Django 1.11Ben Copeland
2018-01-17Settings: Disable SMTPBen Copeland
2018-01-17Dockerfile: Include a dockerfile for debuggingBen Copeland
2018-01-09requirements: Add missing packageBen Copeland
2018-01-09Update Django to 1.11Ben Copeland
2017-09-12Static files: Use whitenoiseBen Copeland
2017-08-31Packages: Add missing packages into requirements file.Ben Copeland
2017-08-10S3: Match S3 protocol with LLP protocolBen Copeland
2017-08-03Settings: Remove the need to use django-uploads due to being on S3Ben Copeland
2017-07-05download report: just skip bad download entriesAndy Doan
2017-05-03fix last commitAndy Doan
2017-05-02fix s3 urlencoded pathsAndy Doan
2017-01-11S3 Purge: accept wildcard excludeBen Copeland
2016-12-16http-ref: field length fix-upBen Copeland
2016-12-15reporting: Add HTTP_REFERER trackingBen Copeland
2016-12-15s3_purge: ignore prefix addedBen Copeland