AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-01-06reports: Ignore MJ12Bot2016.01Andy Doan
2016-01-04reports: handle IPv6 addressesAndy Doan
2015-12-15reports: Support css overrides done on builds.96boards.orgAndy Doan
2015-12-15Add better handling of "path" for wildcard downloadsAndy Doan
2015-12-11reports: add a report for region/isp data for a given downloadci test bot
2015-12-08config: whitelist TCWG LAVA micro instanceFathi Boudra
2015-12-07reports: Use jquery datatables for better functionalityAndy Doan
2015-12-07reports: improve ip detection logicAndy Doan
2015-12-05reports: hide reports URL's when feature not enabledAndy Doan
2015-11-30reports: Add management command to fill in ip2location dataAndy Doan
2015-11-30reports: Minor fixes for issues found in productionAndy Doan
2015-11-24reports: Add download reports for a particular region/ispAndy Doan
2015-11-24reports: Add per region region reportAndy Doan
2015-11-24reports: Add per country reportAndy Doan
2015-11-24reports: Create "Build" and "Component" reportsAndy Doan
2015-11-24Support download metricsAndy Doan
2015-11-20config: whitelist Tyler's labFathi Boudra
2015-10-22unit-test: pin down django-openid-auth requirementAndy Doan
2015-10-22config: whitelist cambridge.arm.comFathi Boudra
2015-10-15Add requirement for "longerusername"Andy Doan
2015-10-07bug #1835: get-textile-files broke2015.10Andy Doan
2015-09-07config: whitelist additional hostsFathi Boudra
2015-09-03views: group_auth_failed_response(): Fix construction of textual response.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-09-01allow "secrets.py" support for local private settingsAndy Doan
2015-08-24s3: add support for latest linkAndy Doan
2015-08-24s3: publish api supportAndy Doan
2015-08-24s3: start a v3 apiAndy Doan
2015-08-19regression: fix accept license redirectionAndy Doan
2015-08-18add support for an S3ArtifactAndy Doan
2015-08-06break Artifact logic out of common.pyAndy Doan
2015-07-31bug #1732: fix parent directory link2015.07.1Andy Doan
2015-07-30bug #1729: handle directory listings in a normal mannerAndy Doan
2015-07-30regression bug #1729: ensure directories are protectedAndy Doan
2015-07-30README: Current BUILD-INFO format version is 0.5.Paul Sokolovsky
2015-07-20Clean up ViewTestsAndy Doan
2015-07-20add a unit-test scriptAndy Doan
2015-07-16move render_descriptions to work with artifact objectAndy Doan
2015-07-13move render-files logic into artifactAndy Doan
2015-07-10move get_header_html_content to artifact objectAndy Doan
2015-07-10move file response into artifact logicAndy Doan
2015-07-09buildinfo: remove need for search-path and full name2015.07Andy Doan
2015-07-09fix bug in build-info uncovered by 8f2768dAndy Doan
2015-07-07simplify process_includes functionAndy Doan
2015-07-07move more build-info handling into artifact baseAndy Doan
2015-07-07build-info: refactor to make a base class not filesystem dependentAndy Doan
2015-07-02refactor is_protected logic into artifactAndy Doan
2015-06-29convert dir_list logic to use artifactAndy Doan
2015-06-29move build-info retrieval to ArtifactAndy Doan
2015-06-29improve logic for preventing downloads of hidden filesAndy Doan
2015-06-22remove need for "url" parameter in check_file_permissionsAndy Doan