AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-30group_auth_ldap.py: change default linaro groupHEADmasterKelley Spoon
2022-03-11LLP: fix templating problem for login pageKelley Spoon
2022-03-11llp: prevent error if a request group doesn't existKelley Spoon
2022-03-11llp: install build reqs for python-ldapKelley Spoon
2022-02-14template: use CSS for table cellsMarcin Juszkiewicz
2022-02-14template: generate more valid HTMLMarcin Juszkiewicz
2022-02-02group_auth_ldap: fix an error with user group authorizationKelley Spoon
2022-02-01settings_production: add in LDAP settingsKelley Spoon
2022-01-31llp: remove crowd and openid support in favor of ldap authKelley Spoon
2021-12-18llp: add s3 lambda to tag files for expiryKelley Spoon
2021-12-18staticfiles: rename root static dir and add missing filesKelley Spoon
2021-12-18staticfiles: get control of the static files once againKelley Spoon
2021-11-18settings.py: add beautifulsoup warning suppression and fix static dirKelley Spoon
2021-11-11manage.py: silence beautifulsoup warningsKelley Spoon
2021-06-17gitignore: ignore a couple of files created in productionKelley Spoon
2021-06-17staticfiles: handle staticfiles correctlyKelley Spoon
2021-06-17staticfiles: remove unecessary directories and remove symlinked iconsKelley Spoon
2021-06-07report_process: support alternate timestamp formatKelley Spoon
2021-05-19settings.py: add in testplan and testreport changesKelley Spoon
2021-05-19gitignore: add static files directoryKelley Spoon
2021-05-19Whitelist: Add android.linaror.orgBenjamin Copeland
2021-03-31llp: add STATIC_ROOT to STATIC_DIRSKelley Spoon
2021-01-13Whitelist: Add missing AOSP slaveBenjamin Copeland
2020-12-01Add timestamps to the report CSVKelley Spoon
2020-10-29llp: fix links to deeper pathsRiku Voipio
2020-08-19fix direct url referencesRiku Voipio
2020-08-18Fix testsuiteRiku Voipio
2020-08-04fix bug introduced in new link_latest codeKelley Spoon
2020-07-28LLP: move latest/ link resolving to runtimeRiku Voipio
2020-06-30llp: add missing nodes to whitelist configKelley Spoon
2020-06-01s3_flatten.py: add missing import for sleep()Kelley Spoon
2020-05-26s3_flatten.py: fix a silly typo that was causing an exceptionKelley Spoon
2020-05-14s3_flatten: fix inifinte loopKelley Spoon
2020-05-14s3_flatten.py: wrap the entire handle_bucket() method in retry logicKelley Spoon
2020-05-14s3_flatten.py: add retries for boto3 bucket operationsKelley Spoon
2020-05-02static file: change locationKelley Spoon
2020-05-02whitenoise: lock version to 4.1.4Kelley Spoon
2020-05-02Revert "gunicorn: version lock to 19.7.1"Kelley Spoon
2020-05-02Revert "gevent: add gevent as a requirement"Kelley Spoon
2020-05-02gevent: add gevent as a requirementKelley Spoon
2020-05-02gunicorn: version lock to 19.7.1Kelley Spoon
2020-05-02Whitenoise: Version lockBenjamin Copeland
2020-03-06Whitelist: Add aarch64-08Benjamin Copeland
2020-03-05Revert "llp: make delete for link_latest aware of bucket versioning"Kelley Spoon
2020-02-26Whitelist: Add armhf-01Benjamin Copeland
2020-01-22llp: make delete for link_latest aware of bucket versioningKelley Spoon
2019-12-12s3_flatten: fix prefix defaultKelley Spoon
2019-11-27s3_flatten: break bucket listing up by delimitersKelley Spoon
2019-11-12s3_flatten: add s3_flatten scriptKelley Spoon
2019-10-29Docker: Fix broken production commandBenjamin Copeland