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fix bug introduced in new link_latest codeHEADmaster
The previous commit would truncate anything after "/latest" if an .s3_link_from file was found, which made it impossible to reference a file through the "latest" version directly. This change also includes updates to the default settings.py to include S3 settings that will trigger API v3 testing. Enabling the v3 unit-tests exposed some problems in our tests, so those have been skipped with a "FIXME" tag until they can be addressed. Change-Id: I1c801f86bbf11bc281a44d755c5767febc98f507 Reviewed-on: https://review.linaro.org/c/infrastructure/linaro-license-protection/+/36054 Reviewed-by: Kelley Spoon <kelley.spoon@linaro.org>
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