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s3_purge: Delete S3 versioned objectsHEADmaster
Our bucket has grown too big over time, this change will allow S3 objects to be fully deleted from S3. The script is split into two ways (ish): 1. No options will mark the objects that are over --markdays as deleted. This is only a version marker in S3 and as such will now delete the file. 2. --forcedelete is used to permanently delete that marked file. This is only ran within the deletedays period. 2a. --cleanup_releases. This cleans up all marked objects in the releases/ prefix. This needs to be used with --forcedelete since it will permanently delete objects. Since we don't have a life time policy for releases/ this is only ever going to delete files that are older than deletedays. Change-Id: I438526978c186f96af4ee689bd0eb2340bc94c01 Reviewed-on: https://review.linaro.org/28796 Reviewed-by: Benjamin Copeland <ben.copeland@linaro.org>
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