BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterTemplate: Update pull strategyBenjamin Copeland3 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysTemplate: Update pull strategyHEADmasterBenjamin Copeland
3 daysBuilders: Add new aarch64 builderBenjamin Copeland
5 daysDocker images: Use the new style imagesBenjamin Copeland
5 daysART Builders: Link the two ART builders to the labBenjamin Copeland
9 daysDocker Labels: Add docker-lkft to other x86 hostsBenjamin Copeland
9 daysVolumes: Add /dev/bus/usbBenjamin Copeland
9 dayshosts: lhg-01: use the credential for generic docker slavesFathi Boudra
9 daysVolumes: Remove .jenkins dir mounting and delete unused file docker_vol_tcwgBenjamin Copeland
10 daysAOSP: Update nameBenjamin Copeland
11 daysMerge "Groovy: Enable privileged flag by default"Benjamin Copeland