BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devcloudcolo/devcloud: add logic to deploy a compute nodeAndy Doan20 months
grok-sshcolo: reservation updatesAndy Doan3 years
ldap-loginssh-ldap: support sudo access by groupAndy Doan19 months
masterVagrant: Setup Vagrantfile to provision images using ansibleKelley Spoon5 days
pworkcolo: 10G nic for r1-a34 is backAndy Doan12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysVagrant: Setup Vagrantfile to provision images using ansibleHEADmasterKelley Spoon
5 daysGerrit: Ensure ssl is enabled on the gerrit server for the apache proxyKelley Spoon
5 daysGerrit: Use "include_tasks" instead of "include"Kelley Spoon
5 daysJenkins: Update KernelBen Copeland
5 daysPatchwork: Fix broken cron emailsBen Copeland
6 daysPatches: Add patches-gcc.linaro.orgBen Copeland
13 daysJenkins: update kernelBen Copeland
13 daysDjango: Update to latest version.Ben Copeland
13 daysBugzilla: Ensure uses letsencrypt certBen Copeland
2018-01-05Patchworks: Update admin and add cron entryBen Copeland