ansible-playbooks.git[no description]5 days[no description]11 days
cgit.gitLinaro patches to cgit awaiting upstream merge11 days
ci-yadp-builder.git[no description]11 days
commit-notif.git[no description]11 days
crowd-tool.gitTool for querying Atlassian Crowd server 11 days
django-crowd-rest-backend.git[no description]11 days
django-openid-auth.git[no description]11 days
docker-ansible-baseimage.git[no description]11 days
es-scripts.git[no description]11 days
gerrit-experiments.gitRepo to perform experiments with gerrit 11 days
gerrit-linaro-theme.gitA Linaro based Gerrit theme. 11 days
git-gpgcrypt.git[no description]11 days
gitweb-linaro-theme.gitA Linaro based gitweb theme. 11 days
jenkins-linaro-theme.gitA Linaro based Jenkins theme. 10 years
jenkins-plugin-linaro-pubapi.git[no description]11 days
jenkins-plugin-shell-status.gitJenkins plugin: execute shell script and set build status from script exit code 11 days
jjb-linaro-plugin.gitjenkins-job-builder plugin for Linaro-specific features11 days
kernel-ci-backend.gitKernel CI reporting tool - backend 11 days
kernel-ci-frontend.gitKernel CI reporting tool - frontend 11 days
kibana.git[no description]7 years
linaro-android-build-tools.git11 days
linaro-android-frontend.gitJenkins web frontend for 11 days
linaro-android-gerrit-support.gitTools and utils to manage Linaro Gerrit and Upstream Mirror. 11 days
linaro-aws-tools.gitTools and scripts used within Linaro to maintain EC2 systems and automate relate...11 days
linaro-bugzilla-tools.git[no description]11 days
linaro-git-tools.git11 days
linaro-gitlab-tools.git[no description]11 days
linaro-jenkins-tools.gitTools to manage Linaro Jenkins servers 11 days
linaro-license-protection.gitCode for releases.l.o, snapshots.l.o, and builds.96boards.org11 days
linaro-patchmetrics.gitLinaro Patchwork and Patchmetrics source code 11 days
load-test.git[no description]3 years of days
patchwork-tools.gitScripts to help manage a patchwork deployment11 days
rhodecode-config.gitLinaro RhodeCode configuration files 11 days
rhodecode.gitRhodeCode git hosting source code 11 days
roadmap.git11 days
status_roadmap.git[no description]10 years
terraform.git[no description]11 days
weblogs.git11 days