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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-09-12powerpc/8544ds: add partition table for norflashWang Dongsheng
2012-09-12powerpc: add adt7461 thermal monitor support to applicable boardsJia Hongtao
2012-09-12powerpc/e5500: Add Power ISA properties to comply with ePAPR 1.1Olivia Yin
2012-09-12powerpc/e500mc: Add Power ISA properties to comply with ePAPR 1.1Olivia Yin
2012-09-12powerpc/e500v2: Add Power ISA properties to comply with ePAPR 1.1Olivia Yin
2012-09-12powerpc/85xx: introduce support for the Freescale / iVeia P1022RDKTimur Tabi
2012-09-12powerpc/85xx: Add support for P5040DS boardTimur Tabi
2012-09-12powerpc/85xx: add Freescale P5040 SOC and SEC v5.2 device treesKim Phillips
2012-09-12powerpc/85xx: remove P1020RDB and P2020RDB CAMP device treesTimur Tabi
2012-09-07powerpc: Fix build dependencies for c files requiring libfdt.hMatthew McClintock
2012-09-01powerpc: remove four unused files from .gitignorePaul Bolle
2012-08-10powerpc/p4080ds: dts - add usb controller version info and port0Shengzhou Liu
2012-07-26powerpc/85xx: P3041DS - change espi input-clock from 40MHz to 35MHzShaohui Xie
2012-07-26powerpc/85xx: Fix pci base address error for p2020rdb-pc in dtsTang Yuantian
2012-07-12powerpc/85xx: Add phy nodes in SGMII mode for MPC8536/44/72DS & P2020DSJia Hongtao
2012-07-11powerpc/85xx: Rename P1021RDB-PC device trees to be consistentXu Jiucheng
2012-07-10powerpc/85xx: Add ucc uart support for p1025rdbZhicheng Fan
2012-07-10powerpc/85xx: MPC8572DS - Update the MSI interrupts into 4-cell formatJia Hongtao
2012-07-10powerpc/85xx: MPC8572DS - Fix eTSEC is not available on core1 of AMP bootJia Hongtao
2012-07-10powerpc/85xx: Add BSC9131 RDB SupportPrabhakar Kushwaha
2012-07-10Revert "powerpc/p3060qds: Add support for P3060QDS board"Timur Tabi
2012-07-10powerpc/85xx: use the BRx registers to enable indirect mode on the P1022DSTimur Tabi
2012-07-10powerpc/p2041rdb: add NAND node in device treeShaohui Xie
2012-07-10powerpc: remove Wind River SBC8560 supportPaul Gortmaker
2012-07-10powerpc/85xx: Add P1024rdb dts supportTang Yuantian
2012-07-10powerpc/p1010rdb: add EEPROMs to device treeGustavo Zacarias
2012-07-10Revert "powerpc/85xx: p2020rdb - move the NAND address."Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
2012-07-10powerpc/82xx: add SPI support for mgcogeHolger Brunck
2012-07-10powerpc/p1022ds: Add RTC supportJerry Huang
2012-07-03powerpc: Kill flatdevtree_env.h tooPaul Bolle
2012-07-03powerpc/boot: Only build board support files when required.Tony Breeds
2012-05-26Merge tag 'drivers' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm/arm-socLinus Torvalds
2012-05-15Merge branch 'drivers/mmc' into next/driversArnd Bergmann
2012-05-15mmc: dt: Consolidate DT bindingsArnd Bergmann
2012-05-03powerpc/44x: Add PCI MSI node for Maui APM821xx SoC and Bluestone board in DTSMai La
2012-04-19powerpc/mpc85xx: add MPIC message dts nodeMingkai Hu
2012-03-29powerpc/dts: Removed fsl,msi property from dts.Diana CRACIUN
2012-03-29powerpc/85xx: add the P1020UTM-PC DTS supportJerry Huang
2012-03-29powerpc/85xx: add the P1020MBG-PC DTS supportJerry Huang
2012-03-28powerpc: Random little legacy iSeries removal tidy upsStephen Rothwell
2012-03-21Merge branch 'next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/benh/pow...Linus Torvalds
2012-03-21powerpc/ps3: Do not adjust the wrapper load addressStephen Rothwell
2012-03-21powerpc: Remove the remaining CONFIG_PPC_ISERIES piecesStephen Rothwell
2012-03-21Merge remote-tracking branch 'kumar/next' into nextBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2012-03-21Merge remote-tracking branch 'jwb/next' into nextBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2012-03-21powerpc/mpc52xx: add a4m072 board supportHeiko Schocher
2012-03-17powerpc/44x: Add additional device support for APM821xx SoC and Bluestone boardVinh Nguyen Huu Tuong
2012-03-16powerpc/fsl: Added aliased MSIIR register address to MSI node in dtsDiana CRACIUN
2012-03-16powerpc/85xx: mpc8548cds - add 36-bit dtsZhao Chenhui
2012-03-16powerpc/85xx: Refactor mpc8548cds device treeZhao Chenhui