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authorAkinobu Mita <akinobu.mita@gmail.com>2011-03-23 16:42:14 -0700
committerLinus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>2011-03-23 19:46:21 -0700
commitf312eff8164879e04923d41e9dd23e7850937d85 (patch)
tree9f4f6fd00ebf12afd5b070c44d12b55a29440360 /arch/powerpc
parentbb5cda3d706f44e5696533c9a7353c458f2871e0 (diff)
bitops: remove ext2 non-atomic bitops from asm/bitops.h
As the result of conversions, there are no users of ext2 non-atomic bit operations except for ext2 filesystem itself. Now we can put them into architecture independent code in ext2 filesystem, and remove from asm/bitops.h for all architectures. Signed-off-by: Akinobu Mita <akinobu.mita@gmail.com> Cc: Jan Kara <jack@suse.cz> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
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1 files changed, 0 insertions, 14 deletions
diff --git a/arch/powerpc/include/asm/bitops.h b/arch/powerpc/include/asm/bitops.h
index 0c1046fbdd2..e3bd9a3bcb4 100644
--- a/arch/powerpc/include/asm/bitops.h
+++ b/arch/powerpc/include/asm/bitops.h
@@ -327,25 +327,11 @@ unsigned long find_next_bit_le(const void *addr,
unsigned long size, unsigned long offset);
/* Bitmap functions for the ext2 filesystem */
-#define ext2_set_bit(nr,addr) \
- __test_and_set_bit_le((nr), (unsigned long*)addr)
-#define ext2_clear_bit(nr, addr) \
- __test_and_clear_bit_le((nr), (unsigned long*)addr)
#define ext2_set_bit_atomic(lock, nr, addr) \
test_and_set_bit_le((nr), (unsigned long*)addr)
#define ext2_clear_bit_atomic(lock, nr, addr) \
test_and_clear_bit_le((nr), (unsigned long*)addr)
-#define ext2_test_bit(nr, addr) test_bit_le((nr),(unsigned long*)addr)
-#define ext2_find_first_zero_bit(addr, size) \
- find_first_zero_bit_le((unsigned long*)addr, size)
-#define ext2_find_next_zero_bit(addr, size, off) \
- find_next_zero_bit_le((unsigned long *)addr, size, off)
-#define ext2_find_next_bit(addr, size, off) \
- find_next_bit_le((unsigned long *)addr, size, off)
/* Bitmap functions for the minix filesystem. */
#define minix_test_and_set_bit(nr,addr) \