BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Khronos_conformancev0.9: Shamrock README and TODO listsGil Pitney4 years
TI_01_01_08_03_MergeMerge of select changes from TI OpenCL from git.ti.com/ti-opencl/...Gil Pitney3 years
basic_parameter_typestest: parameter types: updated to test for int4 to float4 conversion.Gil Pitney4 years
icdUpdate README and TODOGil Pitney3 years
llvm_3_6commandqueue: Removed redundant mutex locking in Event::addDependentEvent()Gil Pitney4 years
llvm_3_8fixed get kernel args info failed on AArch64 issueShow Liu3 years
masterUpdate TODOGil Pitney3 years
ocl_1_2Remove 64 bit atomics extensions from CPU Device.Gil Pitney4 years
ocl_1_2_fixesExplicitly return CL_INVALID_VALUE for CL_KERNEL_GLOBAL_WORK_SIZE caseGil Pitney4 years
shamrock_v1.2shamrock_v1.2.tar.gz  Gil Pitney4 years
shamrock_v0.9shamrock_v0.9.tar.gz  Gil Pitney4 years
shamrock_v0.8shamrock_v0.8.tar.gz  Gil Pitney4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-06-30Update TODOHEADmasterGil Pitney
2016-06-30Document patch to fix bug in test_compile Khronos conformance testGil Pitney
2016-06-29Add in the logic to resetDeviceDependent upon recompiling a built programGil Pitney
2016-06-29Fixed erroneous determination of number of kernels associated with a programGil Pitney
2016-06-29Fix the tests kernel sanity test to enqueue the right kernel2.Gil Pitney
2016-06-29Remove the "resurrection" method in kernel create/delete logicGil Pitney
2016-06-29Fixes to sanity test case 'tests kernel'Gil Pitney
2016-06-29Added notes on reason for failed test_compiler Khronos tests.Gil Pitney
2016-06-29Merge of select changes from TI OpenCL from git.ti.com/ti-opencl/...TI_01_01_08_03_MergeGil Pitney
2015-10-07Update README and TODOicdGil Pitney