AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Bump version of bazelisk to latestHEADmasterAndrew Goodbody
3 daystcwg-check-ci-jobs-vs-yaml: more robust listing the jenkins jobsLaurent Alfonsi
3 daystcwg-check-ci-jobs-vs-yaml: Fix shellcheck and typoLaurent Alfonsi
4 daysts: use fdisk version of ts-merge-images-esp.shMaxim Uvarov
4 daysts: stm32: fix lava image urlMaxim Uvarov
4 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: TF 2.10.0-rc0 package versionsAndrew Goodbody
4 daystcwg-check-ci-jobs-vs-yaml: Upload subdirectories of artifacts/Maxim Kuvyrkov
4 daystcwg-check-ci-jobs-vs-yaml: Add artifacts, and debug tracesLaurent Alfonsi
4 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Fix package versions for v2.10.0-rc0Andrew Goodbody
4 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Fix nightly and add 2.10.0-rc0Andrew Goodbody
4 daystcwg-check-ci-jobs-vs-yaml: improve outputLaurent Alfonsi
5 daystcwg-check-ci-jobs-vs-yaml.sh: improve output readabilityLaurent Alfonsi
5 daystcwg-check-ci-jobs-vs-yaml: Move script to dedicated job directoryMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daystcwg-check-ci-jobs-vs-yaml: Enable manual triggersMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daysts: remove : from job nameMaxim Uvarov
6 daystcwg_bmk_ci*, tcwg_gnu*: switch glibc release to 2.36Laurent Alfonsi
6 daystcwg_bmk_ci*, tcwg_gnu*, tcwg_kernel*: switch binutils release to 2_39-branchLaurent Alfonsi
6 daystcwg_bmk_ci-llvm.yaml, tcwg_kernel-llvm.yaml: Change release branch to 15.xLaurent Alfonsi
6 daysts: stm32mp157c-dk2 add metadata variablesMaxim Uvarov
7 daystcwg_bmk_ci_fujitsu_gnu_spec2k6, tcwg_bmk_ci_fujitsu_llvm_spec2k6: delete dis...Laurent Alfonsi
7 daystcwg-check-ci-jobs-vs-yaml.yaml: use tcwg-buildslave user to access to ci.lin...Laurent Alfonsi
7 daysts: ts-merge-images-esp.sh use dd instead of mountMaxim Uvarov
8 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Fix version of tf-estimator-nightlyAndrew Goodbody
10 dayslt-qcom-clo: enable lt-clo-linux-automerge jobsLeonardo Sandoval
10 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Bump requirements to 2.11Andrew Goodbody
10 daystcwg-check-ci-jobs-vs-yaml.yaml: Use tcwg-buildslave userLaurent Alfonsi
11 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Remove tests that pass from exclude listAndrew Goodbody
12 daysts-merge-images.sh: fix bash syntaxMaxim Uvarov
12 daysts: support old kparted version and set bashMaxim Uvarov
13 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Unit test jit_test_cpu is now failingAndrew Goodbody
14 daysts: update ts-merge-images.sh and ts-merge-images-esp.shMaxim Uvarov
14 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Restore running of fixed testsAndrew Goodbody
2022-07-22ldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Exclude another unit test that failsAndrew Goodbody
2022-07-21ldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Exclude test until fix is mergedAndrew Goodbody
2022-07-21ldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Get correct bazelisk for archAndrew Goodbody
2022-07-21ldcg-bigdata-apache-drill: disable not needed jobMarcin Juszkiewicz
2022-07-21ldcg-bigdata-apache-arrow: disable not needed jobMarcin Juszkiewicz
2022-07-20ldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: Fix build failure by excluding testsAndrew Goodbody
2022-07-16tcwg_bmk_ci*: Disable spec2k6 test for now to reduce the pressure on fx700Laurent Alfonsi
2022-07-11tcwg-check-ci-jobs-vs-yaml.yaml: exits if error, add optionsLaurent Alfonsi
2022-07-10tcwg-check-ci-jobs-vs-yaml.yaml: daily runLaurent Alfonsi
2022-07-10tcwg-check-ci-jobs-vs-yaml: New job to check if configs files is in sync with CILaurent Alfonsi
2022-07-08ts: add lava tests for stm32mp157Maxim Uvarov
2022-07-02tcwg_bmk_ci.yaml.in,tcwg_bmk_ci_fujitsu_*: increase timeout for fx/spec2017Laurent Alfonsi
2022-07-01tcwg_bmk_ci_gnu_testing.yaml: delete laurent testing jobLaurent Alfonsi
2022-07-01tcwg_bmk_ci_gnu_testing.yaml: delete laurent testing job. mark as delete-meLaurent Alfonsi
2022-07-01tcwg_bmk_ci*: Add fujitsu view and jobsLaurent Alfonsi
2022-07-01Add value "ignore" for update_baseline.Prathamesh Kulkarni
2022-06-30ts: fix qemu image dir nameMaxim Uvarov
2022-06-30ts: qemu machine names tsqemuMaxim Uvarov