AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: fix permissions for cache uploadHEADmasterMarcin Juszkiewicz
3 daysReplace julien with akosAkos Denke
3 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow-nightly: also move to TX2Marcin Juszkiewicz
3 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: move to TX2 nodeMarcin Juszkiewicz
3 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: disable seccomp for jobMarcin Juszkiewicz
4 daystcwg/round-robin.yaml.inc: Merge git "_url" and "_branch" parametersMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daysldcg-python-manylinux-cache: add 2.6.0-rc1Marcin Juszkiewicz
5 daystcwg/round-robin.yaml.inc: Update Jira secretMaxim Kuvyrkov
5 daysse: also force clean for edgeagentRalph Siemsen
8 daysse: force clean of mbedtls and related reposRalph Siemsen
9 daystcwg_gcc: Build binutils for testing GCCMaxim Kuvyrkov
9 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: TF 2.4.2 was releasedMarcin Juszkiewicz
9 daysldcg-python-manylinux-tensorflow: use repo for AnsibleMarcin Juszkiewicz
9 daysldcg-python-manylinux-cache: work with empty list of depsMarcin Juszkiewicz
9 daystcwg_gcc: Add no-bootstrap native GCC testsuite configurationMaxim Kuvyrkov
9 daystcwg_gnu: Experiment with job-groupsMaxim Kuvyrkov
9 daystrigger-hikey-stable.yaml: debug for the qa-report tokenYongqin Liu
10 daystcwg_kernel: Update Binutils and GCC release branchesMaxim Kuvyrkov
10 daystrigger-hikey-stable.yaml: add qa-report tokenYongqin Liu
10 daystrigger-hikey-stable.yaml: add \ at the line for the next --no-overwrite optionYongqin Liu
10 daystrigger-hikey-stable.yaml: set this job privateYongqin Liu
10 daystrigger-hikey-stable.yaml: test for squad-client create-or-update-project com...Yongqin Liu
10 daystcwg/round-robin.yaml.inc: Fix syntaxMaxim Kuvyrkov
10 daystcwg_*: Regenerate round-robin jobsMaxim Kuvyrkov
10 daysround-robin.yaml.inc: Run SCM-triggered builds only if the queue is emptyMaxim Kuvyrkov
10 daystcwg-cancel-pollscm-builds: Use REST APIMaxim Kuvyrkov
10 daystcwg-cancel-pollscm-builds: ExperimentMaxim Kuvyrkov
11 daystcwg-cancel-pollscm-builds: Use tcwg-jade-03 node and add parameterMaxim Kuvyrkov
11 daystcwg-cancel-scm-builds: New experimental jobMaxim Kuvyrkov
11 daystcwg_binutils: Experiment with cancelling queued SCM buildsMaxim Kuvyrkov
11 daystrigger-hikey-stable.yaml: add the single quote for the settings parameterYongqin Liu
11 daystrigger-hikey-stable.yaml: test squad-client create project problemYongqin Liu
11 dayssubmit_for_testing-v2.sh: fix the project_name incorrect problemYongqin Liu
11 dayssubmit_for_testing-v2.sh: use abs path for squad-clientYongqin Liu
12 daystcwg_cross: Use qemu:master for release configsMaxim Kuvyrkov
12 daystcwg_gnu: Run on a twice-a-day scheduleMaxim Kuvyrkov
12 daystcwg_gnu: Bump GCC release to GCC-11Maxim Kuvyrkov
12 daystcwg/round-robin.yaml.inc: Trigger follow-up jobs for failed buildMaxim Kuvyrkov
12 dayslt-qcom-linux-testimages.yaml: Set virtual/kernel to linux-dummyAníbal Limón
13 daystrigger-hikey-stable.yaml: use find to check where the squad-cline isYongqin Liu
14 daystrigger-hikey-stable.yaml: change to use bionic nodeYongqin Liu
14 daystrigger-hikey-stable.yaml: change to not exit when failYongqin Liu
14 daystrigger-hikey-stable.yaml: test the installation for squad-client commandYongqin Liu
14 dayslkft: android: try to install the squad-client with the default pip commandYongqin Liu
2021-07-10tcwg/round-robin.yaml.inc: Show failures due to infra problems as UNSTABLEMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-07-10tcwg_gnu: Run dailyMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-07-10tcwg_gnu: Update cron schedule to run hourlyMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-07-09Revert "lt-qcom-linux-testimages{,-desktop}.yaml: Set virtual/kernel to linux...Aníbal Limón
2021-07-09tcwg-update-bmk-containers: Update commentMaxim Kuvyrkov
2021-07-09tcwg-gnu-builds: Switch back to using tcwg-tk1-10Maxim Kuvyrkov