This repository contains the Jenkins job configurations used by Linaro CI.

Jenkins Job Builder

Jenkins Job Builder (jjb) takes simple descriptions of Jenkins jobs in YAML
format, and uses them to configure Jenkins.

Homepage: http://ci.openstack.org/jjb.html

Note that Linaro CI may use a modified Jenkins Job Builder and may include
some patches which are not yet upstreamed. These changes are included in
latest Debian/Ubuntu packages.

Job Configurations

In order to keep the jobs consistent, please follow this guideline:
 * Job name
   - lower case
   - avoid spacing
   - file name matching the job name


Changes made to this repository are monitored and trigger an automatic
deployment on the Jenkins master instance (only jobs changes with last
commit(s) will be deployed).

Note: changes made through Jenkins web interface will be LOST.

To manually force a Jenkins job update:
1. Install jenkins-job-builder package
2. Copy provided jenkins_jobs.ini-sample to jenkins_jobs.ini
3. Edit jenkins_jobs.ini user/password settings as appropriate
4. Run the job builder in test mode:

    jenkins-jobs --conf=jenkins_jobs.ini test <job>.yaml

4. Update the job on the Jenkins master:

    jenkins-jobs --conf=jenkins_jobs.ini update <job>.yaml


If you want to contribute changes, you can send Gerrit merge requests at

To get started with Linaro Gerrit server, please check:

 * YAML header contains maintainer name
 * enable markdown formatter